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Bone Tomahawk On Disc In UK Tomorrow

dvd_box_002 New news has been a bit hard to come-by of late so in another ‘remainder reminder’ the horror-western Bone Tomahawk is out on on DVD and Blu-ray formats in the UK from tomorrow (13th June).

I’m not sure how successful Bone Tomahawk was at the cinemas.  It got a limited release and was also made available via VOD services around the same time, which will have had an impact.  This makes box-office figures sparse and of limited use in gauging results.

blu-ray_box_003The long time span between the first UK screening at the BFI London Film Festival in October of last year, the general release being delayed until February of this year, and then a further 4 months for the home disc release, can’t have helped matters.

The general consensus appears to be that Bone Tomahawk is a very good film, especially for such a low budget production from a first time director (also the writer) S. Craig Zahler.  The stellar cast must have helped in getting the idea to the screen.

No doubt it will quickly become a cult classic now it is available on disc.

Here are links those links again to the Amazon UK DVD and Blu-ray pages.

There is still over a week to go if you want to win a copy of Bone Tomahawk in the format of your choice in a competition on the Scream horror magazine website.  See HERE for details.

Bone Tomahawk On Disc In UK Next Week

blu-ray_box_003 dvd_box_002Monday-week (that’s the Monday after tomorrow for those non-Englanders) the horror western Bone Tomahawk will be released on DVD and Blu-ray formats in the UK.

It hits the shelves, virtual and real, on Monday the 13th of June.

Much to my surprise it looks like I didn’t post this information when I found it out a while back.  I definitely posted about the addition of pages on Amazon’s website back in February but the information then was not complete.  Later the proper date was added.

The prices of the discs has dropped since then to £9.99 (~US$15) for the DVD and £14.99 (~US$22) for the Blu-ray.  Don’t worry if you pre-ordered, you will be charged the lower price at the time of shipping.

If you would like to a copy for free then the website of Scream, the horror magazine, is offering readers an opportunity to win one.  They have 7 Blu-rays and 3 DVDs so there are ten chances to take a price.  You only need to send them an email with your contact details by the 20th of June (a couple of weeks from now) to take part.  See the Scream website HERE for details.

Update On Alice Sweet Alice

concept_art_001Over two years since our last post on Alice Sweet Alice, and over three since any significant news, we have an update.

What exactly it means for Kathryn fans is not entirely clear but it does give us a small insight in to the world of film making.

To recap: Alice Sweet Alice was a horror movie from 1976 by the writer/director Alfred Sole.  More recently Alfred has been a production designer working on films and TV shows, including contributing to a number of seasons of Castle, which just finished its final run.  Back in 2013 Dante Tomaselli the horror writer/director, and cousin of Alfred, announced his plans to remake Alice Sweet Alice.  Kathryn was said to be involved playing the mother of the title character and would be taking a role behind the camera with her own production company.

As I said, a long time has passed with no news.

Dante has now given an interview with the iHorror website giving details on what has been happening in the intervening period.  Various attempts to secure funding fell through, including by Kathryn herself.  As Dante says:

“First, Alfred’s ex-agent was confident she had funding but, ultimately, she didn’t. Then Kathryn Morris was going to serve as Executive Producer, but she couldn’t raise the funds. She did try. That was it.”

Apparently Dante, with his co-writer Michael Gingold, has re-worked the project into a scarier film with a new script and production is being revived.  Kathryn’s further involvement is not mentioned, nor is it dismissed.  However, it is noticeable that as of earlier this month Kathryn is no longer listed on the film’s IMDb page.

You can read the full piece on the website HERE.

You Get Me In Cannes… Sort Of

And probably not yet ‘in the can’ either.

Starting today (11th May) on the south coast of France is the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.  The 69th in its history no less.

Awesomeness Films, the production company behind the upcoming teen drama You Get Me starring Bella Thorne (Blended), will be in the French resort to promote some of its offerings to distributors.  Cannes is more of a trade show than a film festival.

You Get Me is, as far as we know, still being filmed so discussion of the movie at the event will be as much about gauging reaction to the genre as generating sales.  If regional distributors feel they can attract local audiences with certain types of films it will guide company’s future projects.

We don’t know much about You Get Me so far beyond the principal cast, some plot elements, and that Kathryn has been mentioned as being in it.  No specifics yet.  You can see what have so far in the previous post HERE.

No release date has been… released… but this year seems likely.

The Coin Comes Up Short(s)

hang_onto_your_shorts_film_festival_logo_640x640I’m not writing ‘trumps’, the word has lost all comic value.

The Coin continues to prove itself a long-term short.  It’s still pulling in further garlands after four years on the festival circuit.

At the Hang Onto Your Shorts Film Festival on Sunday (24th April 2016) Fabien Martorell won ‘Best Director Medium’ (presumably that means The Coin is classed as a not-so-short) for his work.

Congratulations to Fabien and the team for taking another award.

Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future) was nominated in the ‘Best Actor Medium’ (again a reference to the film length and not the TV show or the actor’s height) category.  Kathryn was cruelly overlooked in the similar section for Actresses.  She did some top quality shouting.

The film was also up for the contradictorily named ‘Best Short Medium’ and ‘Best Concept’.  I guess it came up… short in those  😉

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