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Credit Where Credit’s Due

Roommate Wanted KM UK credit 430x150(Screenshot from the closing credits of Roommate Wanted)

Just sayin’  😉

Thank you to director Rob Margolies and all the cast and crew of Roommate Wanted for allowing KM UK to be involved.

KM UK Exclusive – Kathryn ‘Roommate Wanted’ On Set Video

kathryn_on_set_018It is time for something a little bit special on KM UK.  We’re starting our 7th year in existence with a great birthday present to ourselves and our fellow fans (that’s you!).

kathryn_on_setTo mark the release of the movie Roommate Wanted on DVD and VOD platforms today (19th May), KM UK is giving you an EXCLUSIVE video of Kathryn on the film set.

As you will see the video is made up of Kathryn preparing for scenes, rehearsing and giving her fans here on KM UK a special message.

The video has now been added to the KM UK Gallery HERE (there’s screencaps from it too). Enjoy.

Many thanks to Kathryn, director Rob Margolies and the other cast and crew for doing this for us.

Roommate Wanted – 1 Week’s Notice

roommate_wanted_dvd_3d_001There is just one week to go until Roommate Wanted (née 2Br/1Ba) is available to buy and/or stream.

The US DVD and VOD release of the ‘R’ rated thriller will be upon us next Tuesday, the 19th of May.

At the time of writing I am not aware of the drama being available anywhere else in the world on disc or in streamed form.  If you know differently please let us know in the comments below or using the Contact form.

You can pre-order the movie on the Amazon US website on this page at the slightly reduced price of $13.94.  Last time I posted about it it was $13.99!  6 cents saved!

We don’t know the exact extent of Kathryn’s role in the project but we should not expect it to be too extensive.

Next week KM UK will be marking the film’s launch by sharing some exclusive content.  Remember to come back then.

Roommate Wanted – Deposit Not Required

roommate_wanted_dvd_3d_001Roommate Wanted (née 2Br/1Ba), the drama starring Alex Vega and Spencer Grammer, is edging closer to release.

The latest big step, after a trailer was published last week, is the DVD being available for pre-order on Amazon’s US website.  The launch is set for the 19th of May of this year.

The disc is listed on this page at the bargain price of $13.99.

So far I’ve not seen any sign of it outside of the US of A so we’ll have to wait for further news on that.  Distribution is often covered by different companies across the world which complicates things.  The same stands for Video On Demand (VOD) services.

You may not realise this but Amazon customers from anywhere in the world can use their local account to login to any of the other national Amazon sites.  Which means that, shipping allowing, anyone outside the USA can order from the US Amazon site.

Remember to come back to KM UK nearer the time for some KM UK exclusive KM content.

Roommate Wanted Trailer

roommate_wanted_title_002Roommate_Wanted_trailer_001If only I’d known about this a week ago I’d still have been a week late.

A trailer for the movie Roommate Wanted, previously known as 2 Br/1 Ba, has been released.  A copy can now be found in the Gallery.

Not surprisingly it focuses on our two leading ladies: Alexa Vega and Spencer Grammer.  Kathryn does not feature, but then neither do any of the rest of the cast really either.

For more details on the movie and the May DVD/VOD release date check out our previous post here.

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