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Kathryn @ She Wants Me DVD Launch Event – Update x2

she_wants_me_dvd_001She likes to keep us guessing does our Kathryn.

It’s been five months since we saw her at an event.

Last night (8th September 2012) Kathryn was in Las Vegas for the DVD launch event of the movie She Wants Me.

She Wants Me stars Josh Gad (Woke Up Dead), Kristen Ruhlin (One Life To Live), Hilary Duff (Lizzie McGuire), Charlie Sheen (2 And A Half Men) and our old friend Johnny Messner (G.I. Joe: Renegades and Cold Case).

The last event we saw Kathryn at was the première of She Wants Me back in April.  She must really, really like this film.  There is just no other explanation 😕

We now have 7 medium sized photos in the Gallery of Kathryn and some bloke (it’s Johnny Messner) on the not-so red carpet at this event.  We’ll update this post if we get more or find better versions.

Update:  11 more small photos have been added.

Update 2:  The first 7 images have been replaced by much larger versions.  Thanks to Spider.

 she_wants_me_dvd_002 she_wants_me_dvd_004 she_wants_me_dvd_005

23 comments to Kathryn @ She Wants Me DVD Launch Event – Update x2

  • amei

    no,n o no no no, no no nono just no :(:( why is she datingg him?? he’s so ugly, so ugly, why??? why Kathryn??? kill me, please, please, :( my heart is broken , why, why Kathryn???

  • You might want to credit Hilary Duff for being in Lizzie McGuire rather than Gossip Girl. 😉

    That last picture is so precious. 😀


    Seriously it’s good know that she still “out there”. Come on, guys. It’s been five months.

    Their relationship is going for what, two years now? Doesn’t matter. I hope she’s happy.

    I don’t feel good about the hair, but… Yeah.

    Thank you, Riche!

  • @amei: It’s just because she has not met either of us.

    @Lolly: Thanks. I just go down the items on IMDb until I recognise one that I think others will likely recognise. I’ve changed it.

    @Karen: I’m not a big fan of the hair down around her face like that either. Happy is good.

  • Tianna

    I hate to say it, but I think her age is catching up with her…
    Her face looks a bit chunkier too, which is good because she was pretty thin for a while.
    As far as Johnny goes, I’ll be honest…I’m super jealous that I’m not bangin’ her. *sigh*
    Glad she’s happy though!

  • Finn

    Comparing this pic of Kathryn to the last one’s on the set of Confections,is an improvement,as far as,this pic goes,I like pictures of Kathryn where u can see more of her face! She needs to lose the bangs but,I love the long hair,not a fan of short hair on here!

    @Tianna: It unfortunate but age seems to catch up with everyone! I’m not sure that the reasons for her face appearing full isn’t due to the way she’s wearing her hair!

    I’m not a fan of Johnny Messner,I’ve heard enough negatives about him! Kathryn seems to be attracted to the same type of men,Johnny looks an awful lot like David Barrett,IMO! One can only wonder if,Randy Hamilton doesn’t look like these two guys! By the way,Randy uses his middle name,his first name is George!

    Kathryn seems drawn to the “Bad Boy” type! She could use some variety when it comes to men!

  • Marie

    I think Kathryn looks beautiful. I have an idea of why her face looks full though and it’s a pill women go on to prevent getting pregnant. That’s the only thing I can think of that would cause her cheeks to do that. I honestly found David AND Randy more attractive than this guy. There are many women who find Johnny absolutely gorgeous but I’m definitely not. I just don’t see the appeal. I’m glad to see how happy she is though. He must be a nice guy.

  • dianekmfan

    Maybe that’s because she’s starting menopause? (her face).

  • Kathy

    I’M JEALOUS! 😛

    OMG, she looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nscha

    I’m glad to finally see a sign of life from KM and she does seem happy. I liked Johnny on Cold Case (maybe because of the suit, I like men in suits :P) but here he looks a bit silly in those ugly, ill-fitting pants! KM really put on some weight, her face and legs look fuller. I think she was too thin during the last few seasons of Cold Case but now she looks a bit puffy. And I’m also no fan of the hair! Sorry… (still love her though!) x

  • Scarlet

    Not on for a while and I miss all of this! (*insert rant*) Gosh, Kathryn looks so beautiful! She still has the same smile, awww! Love the pics with Messner kissing KM on the cheek. Wasn’t a big fan of him, but they look happy together *hope*

  • Kathy

    @Nscha: Awesome, nooit gedacht dat ik een Holandse fan zo leren kennen. 😀 😀

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