May 2018
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Reverie S01E01 – Apertus Screencaps

Based on the promo photos and videos released I was certainly under the impression that Kathryn would not feature much in this initial episode of Reverie.  And so it came to pass.

Other than briefly hearing her voice on the end of some phone calls with Charlie (Dennis Haysbert) we only got to see Monica […]

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – May 2018

Normally I leave these regular updates on the on-going careers of the Cold Case cast members on the last day of the month.  As we’ve got other things to deal with tomorrow I’ve decided to throw this one out a day early.  This can only mean there’ll be some big news shortly after this […]

Rivera On Reverie

Not long left to go until Reverie premières on the American NBC network.

We have just enough time to squeeze in another snippet from an article about the show.

There have been many mentions of other TV shows and movies that have similar themes and ideas as Reverie in the numerous articles about the new […]

Sarah Shahi Toes The TVLine

As the lead of the show, and a significant reason for the show being broadcast, Sarah Shahi is understandably shouldering much of the burden of promoting Reverie.

One of the many interviews Sarah’s done in the past few weeks was with TVLine website’s Matt Webb Mitovich.  This one is of note to us because further […]

Shhh… Kathryn Is… Talking

Suddenly the word ‘reverie’ is all to apt.  We should all bask in the wonderfulness that is Kathryn smiling on camera.

Ladies and Gentlemen Kathryn is back.  Another set of Reverie-related videos have been released.  This time they are a key part of the Electronic Press Kit (EPK): the cast interviews.

The TV networks put […]

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