November 2017
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Cold Case Cast Catch-up – November 2017

The recent changing of the clocks may have left us confused as to what time of day it is but it is definitely the last day of October. That can only mean one thing: the latest Cold Case Cast Catch-up. Read on.

Most months we headline these posts with a picture of one […]

Complete Reverie Season 1 Episode Titles

Following on from the post a few weeks ago KM UK can now bring you the complete list of episode titles from Reverie‘s first season.

The final two titles have been revealed to fill out the 10.  Number nine is called The Key and the finale is Point Of Origin.

Personally I’m surprised that the […]

Xmas Advent Calendar 2017

One of the more difficult issues this site has to deal with each year is deciding on a theme for the Advent Calendar.  It’s the double complication of coming up with the idea and then finding images from Kathryn’s body of work that fit.  No images, or not enough to fill the 25 ‘windows’, and […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from KM UK to Kathryn and all our American friends

It has been a couple of years since KM UK posted about Thanksgiving.  As it is not celebrated in the UK it is easy to let it get past us.  To the Brits the fourth Thursday in November is just that: a Thursday […]

Reverie Season 1 Episode Titles

Over the past few weeks the titles of the initial episodes of the new sci-fi-ish drama series Reverie have been released.

As regular viewers will be well aware Reverie stars Sarah Shahi (Person Of Interest) as a former hostage negotiator brought in to help extract people ‘stuck’ in a virtual reality environment.  Our Kathryn is […]