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Colony Goes To Vancouver

colony_banner_2880x1260*** Spoiler alert ***

This post will contain some references to the Colony season two finale.  Stop now if you don’t want know anything.

As one show leaves the Canadian city of Vancouver another books its tickets for a visit in a few months.

Season two of the sci-fi-ish drama series Colony from the USA Network came to an end in America last week with the airing of the 13th episode of the 2017 run.  Days before then it was announced that the show had been renewed for a third season.  Part of the news was that filming would move from Los Angeles, California, to Vancouver.

As the show has been very firmly set in Los Angeles, with lots of on location and little studio-based work, it looked potentially have made things difficult for the production.  The decision was largely a financial one as the tax breaks California offers to TV shows and movies to film in the state are limited in number and was no longer available to Colony.  As it happens season 2 ended with the Bowman family (Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies and three kids) leaving the LA ‘block’ (the city walled in by the invading alien ‘hosts’) signalling a potential major shift in focus going forward.  Who knew that just outside LA was Vancouver :-)  Potentially damaging to a show that moves so far from LA is the possible loss of cast members.  Not all actors will want to spend several months away each year.  Colony being a relatively short run may not suffer as much as one of the big 20+ episodes series.

Colony season one ended with the first evidence of what awaited those sent to ‘the factory’ as punishment by the ‘hosts’.  It was a base on the moon.  With Kathryn’s character being taken away by the authorities for hoarding works of art she was supposed to be collecting for the ‘hosts’ her chances of being seen again were slim.  That glimpse of her possible fate gave rise to hope we might see her again.  She might have been able to use her skill of manipulating others to improve her circumstances.

Sadly the only time we saw Kathryn’s Charlotte during the season 2 run was during a couple of ‘previously on…’ flashbacks highlighting the type of person her husband was, a political animal giving her up to the ‘hosts’ to save his own position.  With the move to outside the block it seems even more unlikely that Kathryn will be making any further appearances in Colony.  She is part of the show’s universe though so you never know.

All of which adds up to this probably being the last KM UK post on the subject.

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