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Kathryn Colony S1 Promo Photos Update

Colony_S01E04_still_009 Colony_S01E07_still_003

Is it too late to say ‘Happy New Year’?  The 8th of January feels like it is pushing it a bit.  Oh well.  Happy Sunday.

Season 2 of the sci-fi-ish TV series Colony from the American USA Network is starting on Thursday (12 Jan 2017).

The year two run is expected to last 13 episodes, three more than number one.

We were dropped right in to the heart of the alien take over last season.  A lot had happened already with few details given to the audience.  It was likely done that way so the show hit the ground running and to give the viewers a sense of the confusing and tense situation in which the protagonists found themselves.  The upcoming first new episode is said to contain a lot of flashbacks to the time in the run-up to the alien take-over.  Some of those ‘how did this happen?’ questions should be answered.

We last saw Kathryn’s Charlotte Burgess being taken away by the security services for disobeying the new masters.  Sadly, we probably have to assume that that is the final time we will ever see her.  But you never know in sci-fi shows, especially with flashbacks involved.  Charlotte’s husband Nolan (Adrian Pasdar, Heroes) is certainly still involved in the political world and now has a new lady at his side in the form of Amanda Righetti’s (The Mentalist) Maddie.  Charlotte used Maddie for her own nefarious ends but met a sticky one herself.  Perhaps Charlotte underwent a similar experience climbing the greasy pole and continued the cycle of abuse.

To mark the new season starting I’ve added some newly upgraded promo photos from episodes past.  The three new replacements are all shown above.  The main image is now huuuuuuge.  That means I have to apologise for the gratuitous bit of nudity on display.  We’ll just call it art :-)

You can see them, along with many more images of Kathryn from Colony, in the KM UK Gallery.

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