March 2016
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KM UK Awards 2016

We were invited to other award shows but didn’t go this time!  They gave out stupid prizes, in lightweight categories!  We’ll hold our own event, again, and they’re not invited to it!

Let me tell you I know a thing or two about award ceremonies!  I’ve done billions of them!  They’re the best award ceremonies […]

Colony S01E09 – Zero Day HD Screencaps

I’m no expert on body language or reading people’s moods, women especially are a mystery (that’s why we love you so), but in the above image I’m sensing a certain amount of anger.

To round up this week in Colony for Charlotte (Kathryn), she:

Tried to further humiliate/punish Maddie (Amanda Righetti, The Mentalist) for breaking […]

Charlotte’s Web Unspun – Colony ep9 Sneak Peek Video

Things are not looking good for Charlotte in the next episode of Colony, which airs tomorrow night (10th March) in the USA network in… the US of A.

A just-released sneak peek video shows Charlotte Burgess’s (Kathryn) hoarding of precious works of art, as discovered by Maddie (Amanda Righetti, The Mentalist) last week, being the […]

Coming Soon To Colony…

The USA Network has published the official press release for this coming Thursday’s episode of its hit sci-fi-ish drama series Colony.  It’s titled ‘Zero Day’ and is episode nine.

Will (Josh Holloway) comes up with a plan to get his family out from under the Occupation. Throwing a wrench in his best-laid […]

Johnny Phones Home

Kathryn’s partner, and father of her twin boys, Johnny Messner has recently been publicising a new movie called Weaponized, or maybe WEAPONiZED, which was released earlier this week on DVD/Blu-ray and VOD.

It’s an action film starring Johnny as a cop who ‘must prevent a grieving father from unleashing a “robotic virus” that he believes […]

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