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Xen Talks The Protocol At NY Comic Con

on_set_012The actress and acting coach Xen Sia attended the recent New York Comic Con event to promote a new comic book called Treadwater, aka TRDWTR.

Although Treadwater exists as a traditional comic book, and there is an animated series and much cross-media material (videos, websites etc.), they are using real-life actors to portray the characters in promotional material.  Xen is one of them.  There is also talk of Treadwater becoming a live action TV series.

As part of her endorsement work at the NY Comic Con Xen was interviewed by Michael Artsis for the BeTerrific!! (their exclamation marks) website.  During the chat she also talked about another new project: The Protocol.  Regular readers will know a pilot for this possible TV series was filmed in the summer of 2013, with Kathryn making an appearance whilst she was heavily pregnant with her twin boys.  The photo above was taken on the set during filming.  Xen makes reference to Kathryn’s character, who we know to be called Grace, also being pregnant.  I’m not sure that was quite the coincidence that Xen implies.

Just a few weeks ago I reported on The Protocol‘s increasing presence on IMDb, suggesting there is a move to make the show happen.  Whether it will or not is another matter.

Xen Sia at NY Comic ConThe Protocol is set in a not too distant future when the government mandates that all citizens take drugs, the titular ‘Protocol’, to control behaviour.  None compliance sees you banished to a dystopian realm.

During her discussion Xen makes much of praising Kathryn for her work so far in the likes of Cold Case as well as her nurturing attitude towards an upcoming actress.  Xen says the sort of things that we, as fans and followers of Kathryn, would completely expect her to say about Kathryn.  It’s all good.

A video of the interview can be seen on YouTube here.  A small copy has been added to the KM UK the Gallery.  Talk about The Protocol starts at around the 4 minute mark for those wishing to skip ahead.

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