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The Protocol On IMDb

imdb_logo_100x100There has been some movement on a project we haven’t heard about in over a year.  It is not much, but it is a sign of progress… Possibly.

Remember The Protocol?  Johnny Messner (Kathryn’s partner) Tweeted about in July 2013 as being a movie project his own production company, “Johnny Be Goode”, was creating.  I posted about it at the time.  Further information suggested that The Protocol was to be a TV series, possibly meaning the film made in 2013 was some sort of pilot or footage to be used in presentations to studios as an example of what the show would be like.  We only ever saw evidence of a single set in use so we don’t know how much filming was actually done.  Little is known about the plot, beyond the fact it is set in the not-too-distant future where everyone is under the control of the government from birth.

The change is that about one week ago The Protocol appeared on IMDb.  It is listed as a TV series.  Since then four cast members have been added: Kathryn (as Grace), Johnny (as Jake Chase), Xen Sia (as Amanda Chase) and Max Ryan (as Michael Logan).  Key crew members, including writers and the director, have also appeared.

We must take into account that anyone can submit updates to IMDb.  Those updates are moderated prior to posting though, and creating a new entry such as for a TV show or film is only possible by a few people.  The information was most likely submitted by someone closely connected with the project.

It is a sign of progress in the project.  We just don’t know what at this stage.

I was told a little while ago that we will get to see the pilot episode with Kathryn in it but no time scales were mentioned.

As a result of the IMDb update I’ve moved the albums covering The Protocol that were in the Gallery from the film section to the TV section.  It’s new home is here.

We will have to keep a eye on this one.

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