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Kathryn @ CDG Awards – Feb 2005

cdga_03From the slightly ridiculous to the sublime.

The KM UK time machine has got stuck in 2005.  The TARDIS was always rather temperamental so why should our KMARDIS (no?) be any different.  It must be too much water in the works, or something.

For this latest hit of nostalgia we move on the 7th annual Costume Designers Guild Awards held on February 19th, 2005.

Now, I can’t claim to know about these things but I get the impression that Kathryn’s outfit (as so wonderfully modelled by her on the left) is the sort of dress that little girls dream of.  A real fairy princess look.

I do feel that I can, however, speak for slightly older boys and say “we likey!” 😛

As much as I hate being a pedant (OK, I love it) but aren’t the costume designers nominated for their work on TV and in films?  In that case doesn’t it seem odd that all actresses turn up to the event in designer outfits and not the costumes being honoured?  It would make for a very different red carpet if they did.  Kathryn certainly never wore that outfit on Cold Case.  I’d definitely remember that!  Best.  Episode.  Ever!

The next CDG Awards is due to take place this coming Saturday (22nd Feb).

2 large and one small photo, and 3 videos, of Kathryn attending the CDGAs in 2005 are now in KM UK the Gallery.

cdga_09 cdga_10 cdga_video_003

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