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KM UK Xmas Message 2013

Happy Xmas!

Happy Xmas everybody.

The last few years I’ve done this Xmas Message as a look back on the Kathryn-related news and events that we’ve brought you in the previous 12 months.  When I first thought about writing this one I wondered what I could do.  It felt like little had happened.  Fortuntely further […]

Ghost Of Xmas Past

The lucky young gentleman you see here (larger version in the Gallery) getting a hug from Kathryn is Ridge Perkett.  You may recognise him from the episode of Cold Case called Ghost Of My Child, the finale (episode 18) of season 5.  That was the season that had fewer episodes than the normal 22-24 due […]

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – December 2013

Welcome to our final look for 2013 at the careers of other members of the Cold Case cast in what we like to call our Cold Case Cast Catch-up, or CCCC-up for not very short.

Due to her prodigious work rate and willingness to Tweet about it we’ll start, as usual, with Tracie Thoms aka […]

Kathryn @ The Hollywood Reporter’s Breakfast – Dec 2006

Or to give it its full title: “The Hollywood Reporter’s 15th Annual Women in Entertainment Breakfast”.  Now there’s a mouthful 

I’ve been trying to keep some of these nostalgia trips roughly in line with the same date that they originally happened.  This post got pushed back more than week by other things so we […]

Magical New Poster For The Coin

Yesterday, the director of the short film The Coin, which stars Kathryn along with Christopher Lloyd (Back To The Future) and Jack Ryan Shepherd, published a new version of the movie’s poster.

As you can see below it has a even more ethereal quality than the previous one.  It strikes me as having something of […]

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