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Ghost Of Xmas Past

on_set_001_ridge_perkettThe lucky young gentleman you see here (larger version in the Gallery) getting a hug from Kathryn is Ridge Perkett.  You may recognise him from the episode of Cold Case called Ghost Of My Child, the finale (episode 18) of season 5.  That was the season that had fewer episodes than the normal 22-24 due to a writers strike that hit much of Hollywood during the 2007-2008 production runs.

Spoiler Alert:  In a memorable scene at the very end of Ghost Of My Child, Lilly and Scotty take Max (Ridge) back to his biological parents, letting him out of her car and pointing across to them.

Ridge featured many episodes of the very long running soap opera The Bold And The Beautiful as Ridge “RJ” Forrester Jr., the son of Brooke Logan Forrester (played by Katherine Kelly Lang).  There can’t be many Ridges in the world and but this boy becomes an actor and managed to land a role with the same name.  As is often the case with child actors there have been several RJs over the years.  Perkett had the job from 2006 to 2009.

The website Star Kidz is all about kidz kids that… star in daytime and primetime television shows.  The last few days they’ve run a series of short interviews with some of their subjects, including Ridge, as a countdown to Xmas 2013.  On Friday it was Ridge’s turn and in the piece (“5 Days Til’ Christmas!“*) he was asked:

8. What was it like working with Kathryn Morris on Cold Case?

Kathryn Morris was super nice, she showed me around the set before we started filming and helped me not be afraid and nervous.


Happy Xmas Ridge.

* There are no direct links to the article so I’ve used an archive link to reduce it to ones about the character of RJ.  You need to scroll down to find the piece.  Search the page for ‘ridge’ .

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