October 2013
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Kathryn @ Jerry Bruckheimer Book Launch – Update

Hello mummy!

Someone in LA got a few bucks for babysitting last night (29 October 2013) because Kathryn and Johnny were out at a public event for the first time (that we know of) since the birth of their twin sons in August.  They tore themselves aware from childcare duties to attend the launch party […]

Cold Case Cast Catch-up – October 2013

This CCCC-up update (where KM UK reports on the careers of the other key players from the long running show) was looking like it could be shorter than most but Tracie has come through for us yet again!  Phew!

The big news for Tracie Thoms (Kat Miller in CC) is that she will be starring […]

Kathryn @ Ninten-do – October 2002

Welcome back to KM UK’s nostalgia corner.

We’re on the verge a new era of computer game consoles as Sony and Microsoft lock controllers in the battle to be the best of the 8th generation machines.  The Xbox One (stupid name for the 3rd version) and PlayStation 4 (predictable name for the fourth) will be […]

2 Br/1 Ba Teaser Trailers

A little over a year has passed since we first heard about the film 2 Br/1 Ba, and slightly less since they finished filming it.  In the intervening period things have gone a bit quiet on the 2 Br/1 Ba front.  Those involved in the project have been very busy though.

Lead actress Alexa Vega […]

Revival House Extension #3

6 months on from the last of these updates we have latest one.

Kathryn’s production company, Revival House, (it is little more than a name at this point) has still to be officially put to use.  The trademark on the name was originally granted back in April 2012.  After successfully receiving permission to use […]

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