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Can You Crack The Case? – Solved

on_set_001_suzetta_anne_001 on_set_002_suzetta_anne_002

Do you recognise these photos?  Where were you when they were taken?  If you have any information call Crime Stoppers let us know in the comments below :-)

The two photos above were taken by Suzetta Anne, who has kindly allowed KM UK to post them here.  See them in full in the new Unknown section of the Gallery.

The photos are part of a small set taken by Suzetta on, I believe, October 12th, 2007.  The full set can be seen on Suzetta’s Flickr page HERE.  They were clearly taken around a location shoot for Cold Case but what I don’t know is exactly what episode the filming relates to.  I’d like to identify them so they can be correctly filed in the Gallery.  I know that many of you have got a more encyclopaedic knowledge of CC than me.  Can you help?

Let’s go through the evidence:

  • Mid-October in 2007 makes it the early in Cold Case season 5.  I think Kathryn’s “Lilly do” tallies with that.
  • Taking into account the time between filming and broadcast puts it somewhere around episode 5 or 6.
  • One of the other photos shows a scene that looks like a graduation ceremony.  I’ve gone through the episodes but cannot find anything that look similar.  Perhaps the scenes were cut from the broadcast episode.

What do you think?

Remember: Photos like this are very rare.  Don’t have nightmares.

Update (8th July):  Thank you to all those that got in touch with me about this in comments, via Twitter and more directly.  I can now say with some certainty that the photos were taken on the set of the Cold Case season 5 episode 10 “Justice”.  That was several episodes later than I expected.  Having reviewed the episode adding to the confusion was the fact that Kathryn and John are not really seen in that environment in the episode, Lt. Stillman only appears briefly (on his boat) in the show as he is on suspension.  The graduation scene is in the opening flashback and therefore does not include Lilly.  The photos have now been moved the appropriate part of the Gallery.

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