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Cold Case S01E06 – Love Conquers Al HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S01E06_lilly_018That’s the moment.  The beginning of a brand new relationship.

Danny Pino made his first appearance as Detective Scotty Valens in this, the 6th episode of Cold Case season 1.  As if that is not enough man in Lilly’s life we also see ADA Kite (Josh Hopkins) for the first time.  Love Conquers Al is the latest entry in KM UK’s Summer Of HD 2012 updates.

In between being a very robotic killing machine in Firefly and being a robot killing machine in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles the actress Summer Glau put in a guest role in this episode.  Summer stars as teenage athelete Paige Pratt who was killed in 1981.  Paige’s boyfriend Al was convicted and jailed for the crime.  New evidence has Lilly re-opening the case.  Not so fun bobby after all.

313 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps can now be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S01E06_lilly_052 Cold_Case_S01E06_lilly_164 Cold_Case_S01E06_lilly_186

4 comments to Cold Case S01E06 – Love Conquers Al HD Screencaps

  • Scotty <3

    Wait a sec… Kite :)

    I don't know but I kinda liked Kite.

    But hey, Scotty Valens I definitely love you more.

  • Nscha

    I’m really enjoying this trip down memory lane! Season one-Lilly really is my favorite Lilly, she seems so fresh and spunky compared to later seasons.

    • I’m glad to hear you are enjoying it Nscha. Going through the old episodes it is noticeable how the show changed over the first season. The flashbacks got longer and Lilly was not in every scene.

      I definitely like my Lilly spunky 😮

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