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Sunday’s Mother Pledge-A-Thon

Sunday Marks imageWith just one week to go let’s see if we can get the pledges for Sunday’s Mother to the target $4000 should we?

For every user who comments on this post in the next 24 hours (from 1pm BST/12pm GMT on 28th June 2011) KM UK will pledge a further $10, up to a maximum of $1000.  Only one post per person will count, checks will be done.

Please make your own pledge to match, or better, the $10 KM UK will donate on your behalf.

Spread the word about this project because we need to do all we can to ensure that this latest film starring Kathryn gets made.

You can make pledges on the Sunday’s Mother Kickstarter page.

Time’s up.

8 comments to Sunday’s Mother Pledge-A-Thon

  • Icywinter2

    ” because a film with Kathryn in it is totally worth it”

  • Nscha

    Come on people: post post post!!!

  • Icywinter2

    I just hope that the movie turns out to be good storywise. I’m keeping an open mind :)

  • Michelle

    Why is a production company not funding this?

    • icywinter2

      @Michelle- Maybe because the writer can’t afford to get one, that’s why he’s relaying on donations instead. He doesn’t have any money in order hire a production company. That’s what I think, he might not have a lot of connections either.

  • 3 individuals posted comments here before the deadline so KM UK will be pledging an additional $30.

    Thank you to them for taking part.

  • sunny

    come on ppl it’s kathryn morris we want to see she’s freakin’ awesome

    • icywinter2

      @Sunny- People are busy, but if It was a movie that was would be in theaters which this will clearly not I think more people would respond.

      I guess they feel that it’s not worth it because it will be awhile before it’s being shown on tv. This type of movie will land up airing on tv, because it’s a short film. I’m sure everyone will be able to order it through redbox and netflix once it’s out premiring at the festivals if it even makes it.

      For all we know it might even making it to the festivals and wind up onto dvd. Who knows, it’s not even being filmed as of yet. Anything is possible.

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