April 2010
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Shattered Illusions

This sort of Cold Case speculation falls outside the normal remit of this site but I noticed something in the recent CBS press release regarding the season finale, Shattered, that caught my attention.

First of all, so far, though no doubt I’ll be proven wrong almost immediately, there has been no press release for the […]

Cold Case S07E22 – Shattered Stills – Updated

Just a quick post with a couple of pictures from the season 7 finale: Shattered.  First we have a still with Lilly and Scotty, see above.  Secondly we have an on-set photo of Kathryn and Harley Graham, the actress playing the young Lilly in this episodes flashbacks.

Both can now be found in the Gallery.


Kathryn At Levi Studio Day 3

Looks like Kathryn did a little more than fly into Palm Springs just for the MLH party.

This is Kathryn attending Levi Studio Day 3 in Palm Springs on the 18th of April.  That’s all I know about this event so far but no matter, Kathryn looks very cool in her denim and her sunglasses.  […]

Is That It?

The Mother’s Little Helpers website has been updated with a small set of images taken at the “super secret after hours party”, as it was called by Asher Levin (writer/director of MLH) on the social networking phenomenon Twitter.

The collection consists of Asher looking happy, or being held a gun point, I can’t tell; another […]

The Eagle Has Landed

We have our first evidence that Kathryn is in the vicinity of the Coachella Music Festival for the Mother’s Little Helpers event from Tweeter BigKCa:

BigKCa: Just saw Kathryn Morris walkin in PS. She’s a very pretty petite woman! – Link

A brief but highly accurate assessment 😉


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