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Is That It?

coachella_001The Mother’s Little Helpers website has been updated with a small set of images taken at the “super secret after hours party”, as it was called by Asher Levin (writer/director of MLH) on the social networking phenomenon Twitter.

The collection consists of Asher looking happy, or being held a gun point, I can’t tell; another man sat on a plane; a blurry shot of two people at the party; a group of people looking at a small TV on the wall in the club; and, most interestingly to us, another shot of a TV, this time mounted above the club’s bar.

The two TV shots, which I’ve added to the Gallery, appear to show footage of MLH.  This event was supposed to be a public premièring of the trailer after all but I expected a little more than that.  It looks like they just put a DVD in the club’s TV system so it could be seen around the bar.  I’d assumed there would be a big screen and bit more of a feature made of it.

As you can see the images are not very clear.  The second appears to have caught the end of the film’s title scrolling across the screen, you can just see “PERS” in big letters.

The first (as seen above) is more interesting to us Kathryn fans.  It appears to show a young man sat on the lap of a woman wearing a hat.  I can’t really make out a face, the image is so washed out, there might even be something (a hand of the young man perhaps) in the way.  However, that hat could be significant.  One of the MLH costume test images saw Kathryn wearing a hat similar to the one (just) visible in this image.  It could be Kathryn in the image.

So, all a bit underwhelming for us so far.  Hopefully the promised blog by Vice magazine will be more illuminating.

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