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The River 105.9 FM Interview – Update

Kathryn recently took part in a telephone interview on the radio station The River 105.9 FM that is based in her home state of Connecticut.

Celebrity Access With Renee on 1st December 2009 played host to the 5 minute chat which covered the weather in Connecticut and California, Cold Case’s test move to 9pm, and Cold Case season 7 story lines.  An upcoming episode with music exclusively by The Doors is mentioned and a rumoured one by The Rolling Stones.

You can listen to the interview online, as a podcast or download it from The River’s website.  A copy has also been added to the Gallery.

Update: I’ve put together a rough transcript of the interview for those interested.  You’ll find it after the jump.

It’s been tidied up a little and some parts are not exactly as spoken due to Renee and Kathryn speaking over each other at times.

R: Hello?

K: Hi Renee.

R: Hi Kathryn.  How are you?

K: I’m great.  Give me a heads-up:  Is it freezing?  Is it snowing?  Is it icy in New England because I’m leaving to come back for Thanksgiving?

R: I know you’re right here in Connecticut, South Windsor, we’re very proud of you, you’re making our state look good.  Today is ridiculously hot.

K: Oh, really?

R: It’s gross.

K: What does that mean for you guys?

R: It’s pushing over 60, there was a rain and thunder and lightning storm.  There were lightning strikes in Waterbury.  It was freezing yesterday and all of a sudden the temperature dropped.  I think, actually, the end of the world is coming, the way it looks outside right now today.

K: (laughing)

R: You may not have to come back for Thanksgiving.

K: Why is that?  Because of the way it is?  Oh, I love all that all that weather.  That’s why I want to go back.  California’s 72 and beautiful, every single day.  That’s great but there’s something that’s strange about it.  Like Groundhog Day.

R: (laughing)  Well, how is Cold Case doing?  I read this article, and it’s one of my favourite shows.  You’re on my DVR all the time, and I read in one of my magazines saying that it was on the danger list.  Tell me that this isn’t true.

K: Well, you know what, that was a little a little exaggerated.  And I know that it’s because they were trying to bully us around a little.  It was Without A Trace and we had an amazing rise in ratings.  40% at the end of our season.  They like to get dramatic at the end of all that.  I knew we would come back.  However, they used our time-slot to launch another show, which will remain nameless, at 9 so if football overruns… we really need everyone to watch the show at 9 this week so we can go back to the old days.  They’re going to give it like a one time chance and then… we suspect it will stick but the more people that watch live we’ll get it to go back the old way.

R: Well, you know you have your support here from your friends and family here in Connecticut.  I love the show, I think it’s great.  It’s always good and I love the way you guys use music to the different themes of the show.  I think it’s done really beautifully actually.

K: I do too.  Over the years we’ve got more music than we tried to get at the beginning, but now we have artists lining up.  For example this week we have an episode about Chinatown and it features several songs from The Police.  Which is so cool.  And we have an all Bob Seger episode coming up it’s all about ice hockey back in the time of Miracle.  You know the Miracle…?

R: Oh, absolutely.  And how cool… and Bob Seger is so awesome anyway. (laughs)

K: Exactly.  And then we have a Doors episode, all Doors.  And I heard a rumour, that we were going to get The Rolling Stones at the end of the year and how cool is that?

R: That’s just… I mean it’s just like a very deep and heavy topic but the way the music is just… I don’t know… I just think it’s great, and it’s one of my favourite shows so I was almost devastated and it sparked phone calls throughout our family.  “What?  Have you heard?  What’s going on?  What’s going on?”  So then everyone turned to me and they’re like “go find out” and then I got the invite for your radio tour and I’m like, “awesome, I have to ask her.”

K: (laughing)

R: So let’s talk about your character and what we can expect from you.  I know we’re headed towards sweeps now and there’s got to be a big wrap planned but personally, with your character, what’s going on in that department?

K: Well, as you know, at the finale last year, the 2 parter, Daniel Baldwin came and played a character named Moe Kitchener and he tried to kill me at the end of the season.  Well, he got off on bail and now I’ve been battling with him all season.  But my bad-boy boyfriend comes back, played by Bobby Cannevale, Saccardo.  Last week he gave me an untraceable gun as an anniversary present.  Nothing says “I love you” like an unmarked 38 calibre pistol.

R: Sure.

K: So, he gave me that last week just to have it just in case I had to protect myself on my own and take care of business.  And then this week he’ll give me another gift with no returns or exchanges that will turn her head in another direction.  So, she doesn’t want to be a dirty cop but if she were in a dark alley and it was him or her she would have to take care of business.  And as for the rest of the season, Scotty Valens, played by Danny Pino, my partner, he’s going to have to take care of business because something horrible has happened to his mother.

R: Oh my goodness.

K: And for Lilly she… I don’t want to say too much, but it’s all about choices, big choices.

R: Big choices, well…

K: And it’s a life, so…  (I’m not sure about this line)

R: Kathryn Morris, it’s always a pleasure to chat with you.  Making Connecticut proud.  Cold Case on CBS.  We will make sure to at 9 o’clock.  Love the show.  If Connecticut has to go out on a limb for you we will.

K: Thank you so much.

R: You call back any time and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season too.

K: Have a great Thanksgiving I’ll see you guys… right there.

R: Bye.

K: Bye.

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