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Cold Case Season 5 Screencaps Revisited

Cold_Case_S05E16_lilly_170As we rush :roll: headlong towards the start of season 7 I wanted to get my CC screencap collection from the earlier seasons finalised.  The season 5 set was a little lacking in numbers so I’ve gone back and done a whole new load from episode 4 (Devil Music) to the finale (ep18, Ghost Of My Child).  The first 3 episodes of the run were covered well enough already.

Cold_Case_S05E04_lilly_088Reference has to be made to ‘the hair’.  This had to be the worst season for ‘dos’ of the 5 up to this point.  What were the production crew thinking?  It started off OK with an only slightly unreal looking straight look in Thrill Kill.  Then it morphed into a frankly weird near-beehive-with-silly-fringe thing.  There was brief respite in the cemetery scene in Thick As Thieves with a more natural look for Lilly.

Cold_Case_S05E14_lilly_153Fortunately, Andy In C Minor signalled a trichological shift.  Was this after the enforced break caused by the writers strike of early 2008?  The silly fringe was gone but the ponytail remained and it still had that essential ‘Lillyness’.  I think the make-up changed a bit as well giving Lilly a much more natural look.  A significant improvement all round 😛 Of course, you may disagree.

Season 5, of course, followed the dramatic events that ended season 4.  Lilly was forced into therapy to assess of her ability to work, not that she stopped.  Didn’t amount to much really, just a couple of sessions, possibly another victim of the writers strike.

And we get to meet Eddie…

There were some great smiles, amongst other things, along the way.

Cold Case season 5 can be found here in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S05E05_lilly_106 Cold_Case_S05E11_lilly_077 Cold_Case_S05E17_lilly_053

5 comments to Cold Case Season 5 Screencaps Revisited

  • Lilly_Scotty

    I actually didn’t mind her fringe here. Most of the time it looked quite nice. Altogether a great season.

  • zoé

    I found her bangs OK as well, but only on the show, in motion, whereas in the stills not so much (if that makes sense!).
    Always thought the bangs and make-up were there on purpose as a way to show that she’s concealing her nightmarish nights.
    Anyhow, thanks for the screencaps!

  • Khaya

    Ah, yes, always the hair problem. I just liked season 5 because of Kathryn’s amazing performance throughout the season. ^^

  • LII2

    Season Five was another great season, the hair well I liked it better the last five episodes after the strike had ended, KM looks better with bangs than the fringe look.

    I agree with Khaya, about Kathryn’s amazing performance. Shis is so increditably talented. Can someone give this girl her Emmy??

    • Can someone give this girl her Emmy?

      Well, after two Emmy ceremonies in as many weekends there must be one or two knocking around LA that no-one wants.

      Get some of those to me and I’ll be sure to give Kathryn one.


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