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Gallery Registration Issues

I’ve noticed that a few people have had problems with the registration process for the Gallery.  I am sorry if you’ve experienced an issue.  I wish the process was a little clearer, but it generally seems to work quite well.  The process should be fully automatic without requiring any intervention from myself.

I have written some basic instructions on the process, you can find them here.

However, if you have tried to register but are still waiting for the confirmation email then please check any spam or junk email folders.  The email is sent very quickly, it should be with you in a few minutes of completing the form.  If after few hours you have still not received the confirmation email and you can’t find it in any junk or spam folders please contact me.  Send me the user name and email address you submitted and I will enable your account manually.

Alternatively, if you have received the email, click the link in it and you will be taken back to the Gallery front page.  The system will have confirmed your details and enabled the account.  It doesn’t show any sign that it has, but it has.  Just trust that it has worked and then login with the details you submitted originally.

If you have created more than one account in the Gallery (perhaps you changed your mind on the user name you wanted to use) please contact me with details so I can delete the unused one.

If you have any questions regarding the gallery registration process then please contact me using the form here.

Media Alert – Minority Report on BBC1

BBC1 is showing Minority Report on Sunday, 21 June 2009 at 10pm.  More details can be found on the BBC’s website here.

Kathryn has a medium-sized role in the film, appearing at various stages throughout.  She plays Lara, the ex-wife of John (Tom Cruise), they separated after the loss of their son.  Lara does not play a significant part in the action of the movie, but is important in fleshing out John’s backstory.  Lara’s short dark hair is quite a change from the long blonde locks we normally associate with Kathryn.

Images of Kathryn in Minority Report can be found in the Gallery.

Minority_Report_14 Minority_Report_25 Minority_Report_28

Media Alerts

From time-to-time I will post news of appearances by Kathryn on UK based media outlets, this is KM UK after all.  I will call these Media Alerts.  Primarily this will be news of films and TV shows starring Kathryn being broadcast on British TV channels.  Hopefully this will be of use to my fellow UK-based KM fans.

I won’t be posting about every episode of Cold Case that Sky shows on its various channels (1, 2 & 3).  Of course, if there is significant news such as Sky1 starting season 7 or Sky 3 starting season 5 then that will be posted.

If you have any such news you want to share then please Contact me and I will post it here.

The first of these alerts will follow shortly.

KM UK Exclusive! Even More Pensacola Screencaps & Videos

It’s time for the latest set of Pensacola: Wings Of Gold images and videos.  As promised there are some amazing ones in this set.  Flying a helicopter, wearing a bikini, searching for missing loved ones, wearing a bikini, rooting out corruption, wearing a bikini, working out in the gym, wearing a bikini.  Annalisa does it all, and looks great doing it!  Did I mention the bikini? 😉

Screencaps and video clips from 4 more episodes (ep8-11) have been added to P:WOG Gallery.

What can I say other than: WOW!

pwog_s01e09_045 pwog_s01e10_080 pwog_s01e11_142

Look out for more images of Kathryn in later episodes of P:WOG coming soon.

New Icon Competition

I need some help. Some artistic help.

This logo, as seen in the top left corner of this webpage, is the one that came with the Atahualpa WordPress theme. As nice as it is I’d like to replace it with something that relates better to the site and its contents (that would be Kathryn Morris of course).

Unfortunately I don’t have much in the way of artistic talent. I know, however, that there are lots of people out there that have great ideas and can create graphics. Do you think you could help me create a unique logo for this site? You would, of course, be fully credited for your efforts.

The logo needs to be about the same size as the existing one, simple, clear, in keeping with the rest of the site, and capable of being scaled down to the favicon (the icon in the URL bar and next to bookmark entries) size whilst remaining recognisable.

I’m not going to set a deadline for this “competition” because I don’t know what sort of response I’ll get. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

Being a competition you might be expecting a prize. Not surprisingly that would be having your logo appear on the site of course :-)

If you want to get involved leave a comment or use the Contact page to let me know.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

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