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You Know The Protocol

Ahead of tonight’s première screening of the short film The Protocol we just have time to squeeze in an extra poster image.


The Protocol Screening On Sunday

nysff_banner_001poster_001Consider this your final call ladies and gentlemen.

A quick reminder that next Sunday (3rd November 2019) the short film The Protocol will be screened at the New York Short Film Festival.

After 6 years of waiting, the small drama starring Xen Sams, Max Ryan and Kathryn finally gets a première.

Taking place at the Cinema Village independent cinema in Greenwich Village, New York, tickets ($12 each) are available via the festival’s website HERE.  The film is sharing the bill from 6:30pm in Short Block 6 with the pilot of a web series.

The Protocol NYSFF Info Update

nysff_banner_001Today we have a little more information regarding The Protocol and its upcoming screening at the New York Short Film Festival (NYSFF).  The previous post raised a few questions, such as why the block the short film was in only contained two items.  As I’d guessed, the screening of Switch is not a short film but the pilot episode of the series.

The details provided by the NYSFF (see below) include extra details on the plot of The Protocol and confirms what the poster says in that there will be Q&As afterwards.

The New York Short Film Festival will be holding a special screening focusing on mental health awareness at 6:30pm on Sunday, November 3 at Cinema Village in Union Square.

poster_001The program features two short works exploring the human mind— the world premiere of The Protocol, a dystopian drama starring Xen Sams (Waldo, The Banker) as a double agent in a near future where people must have their full range of emotions technologically suppressed in order to be allowed to remain in society, and the pilot episode of Stavroula Toska’s Switch, a web series which follows Toska as a Greek immigrant healing from PTSD while working as a high-end dominatrix to make ends meet.

The screening will be followed by Q&A with the creators who will discuss their process and personal connections with their stories.

[The] Protocol is being shared as a memorial screening in honor of Hadley Dean Myers who served as a case manager for care and counseling of the homeless, eventually loosing her own battle to mental health disease (23 December 2017).

Switch is based on its creator’s own story of reclaiming self after an abusive marriage.

Other notable actors associated with the films include Kathryn Morris (Minority Report), Max Ryan (Rage), Academy Award winner Olympia Dukakis (Moonstruck), Jon Lindstrom (Bosch).

The double feature will be held as part of the 4th annual New York Short Film Festival, a week long celebration of indie films and filmmakers.

The Protocol: Reactivated

poster_001Remember The Protocol?

KM UK last brought you news on the project two and a half years ago when a new IMDb page and a small video clip surfaced.  OK, there was the frankly hilarious April Fools 2017 post about the film becoming part of the Marvel Universe.  That was good.

In fact it goes back to the summer of 2013 when it was filmed.  Initially it seemed to be a short film, and then a pilot for a TV series (which is why it ended up in the TV section of KM UK Gallery).

Today we received news, via the actor Xen Sams, that the movie will be screened at the New York Short Film Festival in just two weeks time.

The Protocol is one of the official selection for the NYSFF and is scheduled to be shown on November 3rd (a Sunday) in a slot starting at 6:30pm.  As with most short film festivals, groups of films are shown together in blocks, often themed in some way.  In this case, as things stand, The Protocol is only being shown alongside one other project, Switch.  This appears to be a web-based TV series but probably exists as a short as well.  Maybe there are showing a complete episode so it fills much of the 75-minute block.

nysff_banner_001The Brian A Miller directed short starring Max Ryan, Xen Sams, and Kathryn, always looked a little sci-fi but it has not been clear what the film is about.  In her announcement, Xen Sams described it as “filmed and created in effort to raise awareness for our nation’s ongoing mental health disorder.”  The tipped over glass of water in the poster (above) raises a few questions too.

If you are in New York in early November perhaps you could get to Cinema Village independent cinema in Greenwich Village to see The Protocol.  Tickets are available via the festival’s website HERE.  It is Short Block 7, 6:30pm, 3rd November.  Let us know what it was like.

The Protocol Becomes Marvel-lous – April Fool

on_set_012As the phrase goes: mighty oaks grow from tiny acorns.

My post at the beginning of the week about the short film The Protocol appears to have shaken that tree.

News reached KM UK Towers over night that this little project, largely put together by a group of friends, is in the process of being developed into a new branch of the Marvel Universe.  That’s what has driven the recent resurrection of the short film.

Early in its life The Protocol was said to be a pilot for a television series.  Despite the most recent description we saw showed it returning to being a small movie, it has in fact once again become a prototype for TV.  It would sit alongside the other Marvel shows on various networks.

If you’ve watched the short video clip from The Protocol you’ll have picked up the hints that Kathryn’s character, Flair Loop as she is known,  is not ‘normal’.  She is in some way ‘other’.  A mutant perhaps.  You will also be aware that Xen Sams and Max Ryan are playing some form of agents.  Hmmm.  Marvel.  Agents.  All the clues were there.

The idea is that every episode will involve a new unknown to deal with.   The titular ‘protocol’ refers to the agreed way of dealing with this kind of situation by S.H.I.E.L.D.  A new protocol will need to be employed for each.  No doubt there’ll be plenty for which there are no written guidelines.  The squad will have to wing it on those.

In the case seen in the short film Flair Loop is harbouring the next generation of mutated human in that pregnancy bump.  It is not known exactly what that could mean for the rest of humanity.  Is this a major threat or could it be our saviour?

In the dossier passed to me another planned episode includes a new alternative energy source found in the Antarctic wastes called Polar Oil F.  Sounds great but there are hints it could be earth’s undoing, rapidly accelerating global warming rather than helping counter it as it is not a standard fossil fuel.

If the TV series comes to fruition the short film will be re-made as as feature-length episode with the original cast.  Unfortunately the tight production budget won’t stretch to a CGI ‘bump’ for Kathryn so she will have to go ‘method’ on it.  Filming will need to start in about 8 months.  Any volunteers to take one for the team?  😉

More news on this story later.

Update:  It’s later.  Yes, this is my usual yearly attempt at an April Fool spoof post.

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