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Kathryn Behind The Scenes Of Surgeon General Pilot – Update

20130315_table_read_001A photo has emerged of Kathryn and some of the other cast members of Surgeon General.  They are all in Atlanta, Georgia at the moment doing a table read in preparation for filming the pilot episode.

20130315_table_read_002From left to right we have actors Alex Dawson, Kristen Shaw, Kathryn and Clay Kraski.

Thanks to the People Store Atlanta Talent Agency Facebook page for posting the photo.

Update (16 March 2013):  Alex Dawson posted the photo you see on the right via her Instagram.  As you can see it is from the same time as the one above.  This new image joins the first in the Gallery.  Thank you Alex for posting it.

Surgeon General Information


It’s been nearly two days since the news of Kathryn’s new project broke so let’s collate all the info we have on it and run through some talking points:

  • Show name:  Surgeon General / The Surgeon General
  • Kathryn’s role:  Lydia Ferrari (aka LaFerrari to us at KM UK :-) )
  • Lydia’s job title:  Chief Of Staff to the Surgeon General
  • Co-stars:  Jason Isaacs (Awake), Beth Riesgraf (Leverage) and Katherine McNamara.
  • TV network:  CBS
  • Filming location:  Atlanta, Georgia
  • Writer/Creator:  Samuel Baum (Lie To Me)
  • Pilot director:  Rod Lurie (Resurrecting The Champ)
  • Premise:  Dr John Sherman (Jason Isaacs) is the Surgeon General of the United States, the nation’s doctor.  He has to deal with the political side of the medical profession, taking on government for the sake of the people.

Kathryn is not the lead actor in the show, that’s Jason Issacs as the Surgeon General Dr John Sherman.  The Chief Of Staff to the Surgeon General is a management role, second in command to the General.  Incumbents in both roles hold military senior military ranks.  The Surgeon General works in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (PHSCC), based in Washington.

Lydia Ferrari is described as “fiercely loyal chief of staff and long-time friend, who was close to Sherman’s late wife. The consummate political operative, Ferrari admires Sherman and runs interference when he won’t play ball with their White House superiors” (THR).

Although talked about as a medical show because of the obvious doctor element, Surgeon General is more likely to be more of a political drama.  No doubt there’ll be some investigative work as Beth Riesgraf plays Dr. Page Wyatt, a micro-organisms expert.   TV have a habit of expanding characters roles in to investigators beyond the scope of the real job, see the CSI franchise for prime examples of that.  It is not going to be an E.R., House or Bones.

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Kathryn Joins Surgeon General Pilot


Looks like the sort of Kathryn-related news we’ve all been waiting for has finally broken.

Kathryn has, apparently, signed on for a new CBS pilot called Surgeon General.  The Surgeon General is appointed by the US Government to over see matters of public health.

British actor Jason Isaacs (Awake and Harry Potter) has the lead role of Dr John Sherman.  Kathryn is earmarked to play his Chief Of Staff, Lydia Ferrari.  After the recent launch of the new Ferrari hybrid supercar, here on KM UK we will call Kathryn’s character in Surgeon General ‘LaFerrari’ 😉  At this stage it is just a pilot, but it does mean it has passed earlier stages of acceptance regarding the script etc.  Depending on how well it ‘tests’ the show could be picked up for the 2013-14 season.

Samuel Baum (creator of Lie To Me) is writing and producing the pilot for CBS TV Studios and CBS Television.  Kathryn spent 7 years with CBS in Cold Case.  Beth Riesgraf (Leverage) and Katherine McNamara (Kickin’ It) are also set to star as another doctor and Sherman’s daughter respectively.

Rod Lurie is scheduled to direct the pilot, which may further explain Kathryn’s involvement beyond the CBS connection.  Kathryn has worked with Rod several times already on films like The Contender and Resurrecting The Champ.  In fact for a while Kathryn had had a role in all of Rod’s features.

Fingers crossed (but not too tightly, doctors orders :-) ) for Kathryn returning to the small screen.

Credit to Nellie Andreeva at  You can read her report here.

We’ll bring you more when we get it.

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