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More Of Kathryn BTS Of Surgeon General

20130315_table_read_003We have an additional photo of Kathryn and co. at the table read for the pilot of Surgeon General.  As you can tell it was taken at the same time as the previous couple of photos.

In this small photo we see Atlanta-based acting teacher and actress Kristen Shaw and director Rod Lurie.  Surgeon General is something of a reunion for them as all three have worked together before on films Deterrence, The Contender, The Last Castle and Resurrecting The Champ.  Kristen has worked with Rod even more than Kathryn has, having starred in just about everything he’s ever made.

The photo is now in the Gallery.

Thanks to Kristen Shaw for allowing us to share the photo with you.  The Facebook page for the Kristen Shaw Acting Studio is here.

Kathryn On The Set Of Surgeon General

on_set_001Here we have our first sign of Kathryn actually on the set of the Surgeon General pilot shoot.

As filming appears to have ended yesterday (2nd April 2013) after just over two weeks of work, it is a little sad that it has taken until right at the end of the process for it happen.  We are, however, very grateful to Melissa Rutland (the lovely lady on the right) for the photo you see here.  Kathryn looks very smart and business-like in her purple dress and the hair-do is a distinct improvement on recent showings.  We approve :-)

Melissa worked on the show as Kathryn’s stand-in during filming.

The photo is now in the Gallery.

Thank you Melisssa for allowing us to share the photo with you.

In additional Surgeon General news a couple more guest stars for the pilot were announced last week. Anna Deavere Smith (Nurse Jackie and The West Wing) will play the Vice President and Miguel Sandoval (Medium) will be a US Senator.

Surgeon General – Shifting Odds


Just last week we went over the obstacles that Surgeon General will have to overcome to be picked up to series for the autumn schedules in the US.

Two current shows that have been under question for renewal are The Mentalist and The Good Wife.  At that time it looked like just one of them would survive, with The Mentalist ahead by a nose.  Earlier this week the favour was thought to have shifted to The Good Wife.

Last night Deadline (and many others) reported the news that CBS had announced a raft of renewals across their comedy and drama shows.  Somewhat against expectation The Mentalist and The Good Wife can both breath a sigh of relief as the Sunday night pairing have got the nod for a further season.

As expected the likes of Elementary, NCIS:LA and Hawaii Five-O have been renewed.  A show missing from the list is Criminal Minds.  According to reports there are still significant negotiations continuing with the cast.  Criminal Minds has had a troubled past with the loss, and even re-instatement, of fan favourite cast members.  However, its prospects for return are considered good.

Vegas, widely thought to be a goner already, will be getting a sort of second chance in a few weeks with a return to the TV schedules in the difficult Friday night slot.  CSI: NY was also not mentioned, the odds are against it.

What all this does is remove a few possible openings in the schedules for Surgeon General with a couple of months still to go before we hear for certain.  Watch this space.

The pilot of Surgeon General is currently filming for the second week in Atlanta.  It will continue into next week.

Surgeon General is, not surprisingly, a drama based on the office of the Surgeon General. The role, often described as the “nation’s doctor”, deals with health issues affecting the population as a whole.  Kathryn plays Lydia Ferrari, Chief Of Staff to the SG.  See the previous post for more details.

Surgeon General – What Are The Odds?


We’ve done a little more digging on the chances of the new CBS pilot starring Kathryn and Jason Isaacs, Surgeon General from being picked up to series for the CBS TV 2013-14 season in the US.

The CBS network as ordered 11 drama pilots.  Of those near-dozen only a few will be selected to go beyond the pilot stage.   We’re going to completely ignore the comedies as they are very unlikely to have any bearing on the scheduling of dramas, they tend to run in separate and fairly fixed blocks during the week.

Network stalwart NCIS (the original) has already been renewed.  The Los Angeles branch is practically a certainty for renewal.  Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, CSI (the original), new US take on the Sherlock Holmes franchise with an usually attractive Dr Watson: Elementary, and Hawaii Five-O are also considered safe bets for getting a further season.

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Surgeon General Pilot Starts Filming


Following Friday’s wardrobe tests and table read, and Saturday’s rehearsals, it is no big surprise that filming of the Surgeon General pilot starts today (18th March 2013).  Apparently the filming in Atlanta is scheduled to take about 2 weeks.

Our two leads (Jason Isaacs and Kathryn), Kat McNamara and more recently announced signings Kristen Shaw (as Barbara Weller) and Mike Coulter are all due to take part on day one.

Kristen, an Atlanta-based acting coach, is a long time collaborator of director Rod Lurie’s.  She has featured in just about everything that Rod has ever made, going back to a short film in 1998.  Kathryn had been in all of Rod’s feature films up to Resurrecting The Champ.

The news of Mike Coulter’s (Ringer and The Good Wife) signing broke on Friday.  Mike’s role within the team will be as Dr. Connor McCallan, an epidemiologist.

On Thursday it was announced that The Lord Of The Rings star Sean Astin would be joining the cast.  Sean will be psychiatrist Dr Alan Fischer, another member of the Surgeon General’s team.  Sean is another actor that has worked with Rod Lurie before when he starred in the film Deterrence, which also featured Kathryn of course.

At this rate it can only be a matter of time before Mike Binder (The Mind Of The Married Man, which guest starred Kathryn in 4 episodes) turns up in an episode.  This Mike was in The Contender and episode of the TV show Commander In Chief, which Lurie created.

Shaheed Malik, another Atlanta resident, will also be filming today.  No word yet on when Beth Riesgraf (Leverage) as micro-organisms specialist Dr Page Wyatt, Alex Dawson, and other cast members John Tyner, B. Todd Johnston and Victor Turner are due to start filming.

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