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Reverie Has ‘Some Buzz’

on_set_001It has been a few weeks since the TV pilot for the new NBC drama Reverie finished principle photography in the Vancouver, Canada.

Since then the episode will have been put together for presenting to the ‘powers that be’ at the network.

Now we are getting to the time that decisions are being made.

So many factors play into the choices the executives make but Reverie has an ace up its sleeve.  Lead actress Sarah Shahi is much sort after since the end of Person Of Interest.  She will have had a lot of offers and chose to go with Reverie.  If the show is not picked up to series it will be difficult to find another big show to join in time for the autumn season.

As well as Kathryn, if the producers could lock-in Sarah’s POI co-star Amy Acker in as a regular they’d make a lot of people very happy (me included) and be sure being assigned a timeslot in September.

Journalist Nellie Andreeva reported late on Friday (UK time) on the latest whispers regarding various pilots across the networks.   In her article on the Deadline website she describes hearing ‘some buzz’ about Reverie, placing a little behind other new shows Rise and For God And Country in the running.

Read Nellie’s article in full HERE.

We await further developments.

Reverie Leaves Vancouver

on_set_003A quick Reverie update.

There isn’t much to report beyond the fact that the principal photography finished, much as expected, at the beginning of this week.  We last looked at the show back in mid-March when filming started.

Sadly we didn’t see any evidence of Kathryn’s involvement during the three week production schedule.  Presumably she spent a few days on set for her scenes as Monica Shaw, an official from the Department Of Defense looking to make use of a virtual reality system that’s gone a little awry in the way only the DoD can.

Now the show will go in post production: editing, adding visual effects, and sound/music.  Once complete TV show pilots will be put to the network executives, NBC in this case, for them to judge whether to go forward to a series order.  Changes may be requested, possibly even requiring re-filming of scenes.  It will be in competition with other shows for space in the schedule.  The presence of the sort-after Sarah Shahi following her successful run in the much liked Person Of Interest puts the show in a strong position.  The possibility of Kathryn’s return to the small screen can’t hurt either.

All we can now is wait for more news on whether Reverie gets to more on to the next round.

To mark the end of the part of the process I’ve added a few photos posted in various places by some of the cast and crew to the KM UK Gallery.  See them HERE.

The Reverie Starts Today

pilot_script_coverJust a quick post.

Filming on the pilot for a possible new NBC show Reverie kicked of today in the Canadian city of Vancouver.

To prove/celebrate writer Mickey Fisher (Extant) has posted a picture of the front of the test episode’s script.

Apart from the episodes real title “Aperatus” Mickey is not giving anything away, except for maybe a possibly logo.

We already know that the show stars Sarah Shahi (Person Of Interest), Dennis Haysbert (24), Sendhil Ramamurthy (Heroes), Jessica Lu (Awkward.), as well as Kathryn, and is based around virtual reality.

Someone’s made a VR system that has unwanted, by some, consequences.  Sarah investigates.  Dennis helps.  Kathryn, as a representative of the military, likely has other ideas.

The filming is expected to continue until the end of the month.

KM’s Reverie Spreads To IMDb

imdb_logo_100x100This one took a lot less time than the previous one I mentioned just last week.

Within a couple of days of the news breaking that Kathryn would be joining the cast of the new NBC network pilot Reverie, IMDb’s page for the show has been updated accordingly.

I always say that it seems like a small thing but it feels like it makes it true.

As I added yesterday Johnny Messner (Kathryn’s partner and father of her twin boys) made his congratulations public so I think we can really take it as fact.  An actual fact.  Based on verifiable facts.  You know: a fact.

Information I’ve been able to find suggests the pilot is due to start filming in mid-March and is likely to happen in the great US state of Vancouver…  Or Canada.  Most American TV shows film in Los Angeles, even those ostensibly set in other parts of the country.  Bones is set in Washington, D.C.  L&O:SVU in New York.  Castle was also in New York.  What was that other cop show set in Philadelphia?  All filmed in LA with a few exteriors done on site.  With a pilot they don’t tend to go to the expense of building the commonly used interiors as sets, which may never be used again, and go to locations instead.  The Surgeon General pilot was filmed in Atlanta, Georgia, another place regularly used for filming these days.

Looks like Kathryn will be spending a few days in Vancouver in a few weeks.

You can find Reverie‘s page on IMDb HERE.

Kathryn’s In A Reverie – Update

Awoogah! Awoogah!

Actual news news!!!

The business known as show news website Deadline is reporting that Kathryn has signed up to take a role in a new NBC network pilot called Reverie.

Reverie is a vehicle for Sarah Shahi (Person Of Interest) and is centred around the topical idea of virtual reality software.  Apparently the software is causing significant issues for users and Sarah’s Mara behavioural expert and ex-detective is brought in to investigate.

Kathryn’s role is as a Department Of Defense official called Monica Shaw.  Not surprisingly the military are very interested in such technology, especially if it is having psychological effects on those that have experienced it.  If it can be weaponised, they’ll do it.

At present this is just a pilot, an initial episode that is used to showcase the project to the network heads to make a decision of whether to turn it into a series.  As such it is currently classified on IMDb as a TV movie.  We saw the same with the Surgeon General show that Kathryn was involved in a few years ago.  That one didn’t get past the pilot stage.

This early part of the year is very much ‘pilot season’.  Projects have got through the selection process and a few are being put into production as a first episode test.  Those lucky few that become series, likely to start broadcasting in the autumn, would start filming in the summer.  The pilot could be shown as episode 1, or it could be re-worked/filmed if changes are made.

Dennis Haysbert (24), Jessica Lu (Awkward.), and Sendhil Ramamurthy (Heroes) have already joined the cast.  Amblin Television, owned by Steven Spielberg who Kathryn worked with in A.I. and Minority Report, is producing the show created by Mickey Fisher (Extent).

More news on Reverie when we hear it.

Update (25 Feb 2017):  Johnny Messner (Kathryn’s partner) has posted his congratulations to Kathryn in his own inimitable style on Instagram and Twitter.  It goes thusly:

Congrats my honnneeee !!! You just took the whole show up 10000 notches !! You are by far one of the most talented actors I know and a even better momma !!! 😍😍😍😍 I love you for that – link

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