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AXN Cold Case S4 Interview

wowow_cast_interview_kmOnce again I find myself humbled by the generosity of visitors to my little site.  Whether it be information, news, pictures, videos or just a quick comment, this site would be so much less without your contributions.

A wonderful example of this is Nobu, on other side of the world from me, very kindly sending me a copy of this video being broadcast in Japan at the moment.  The video is a brief interview with Kathryn to promote the broadcasting of CC season 4 due to start next week on the AXN cable channel in Japan.  Nobu informs me that the WOWOW satellite channel in Japan is currently showing season 6.

The video is very much the Kathryn we know and adore, very funny and cute, talking about Lilly and her (lack of) love life.

In the Gallery you will now find slightly shrunk in size but full-length version of the interview and a set of full-sized screencaps.

One thing that is not clear is when the interview took actually place.  Nobu thinks the interview is likely to have been recorded in 2008 when WOWOW broadcast season 4, which makes sense.  If you have any thoughts or information on that please do let us know in the comments.

Uncountable thank yous to Nobu.

axn_cc_s4_interview_003 axn_cc_s4_interview_018 axn_cc_s4_interview_047

Cold Case Season 4 Promo Photos

promo_002Another post from the “not new, but new to the Gallery” collection.

This great set are from a promotional photoshoot for season 4 of Cold Case. It’s just 3 HQ images but they are classic Kathryn. So beautiful.

You can find them here in the Gallery.

promo_001 promo_002 promo_003

Cold Case Season 4 Screencaps

Poor Lilly, she just can’t catch a break can she?  Season 4 starts off with her happy, having found a real soulmate, and ends up with her in hospital fighting for her life.  Along the way she loses not one, but two boyfriends and her mother.  Looks like she needs a hug :-(  Hey, I saw her first!  😉

We do get some great smiles though, as showcased below, and that scene in Rampage 😉   The Gallery now contains a full set of Lilly-focused screencaps from season 4.

Cold_Case_S04E01_lilly_058 Cold_Case_S04E02_lilly_084 Cold_Case_S04E11_lilly_136

Don’t forget to comment on and rate images in the Gallery.  Feel free to use any of my screencaps in banners, sigs or avatars.  Please let me know what you make with them, I’d be very interested to see.

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