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AXN Cold Case S4 Interview

wowow_cast_interview_kmOnce again I find myself humbled by the generosity of visitors to my little site.  Whether it be information, news, pictures, videos or just a quick comment, this site would be so much less without your contributions.

A wonderful example of this is Nobu, on other side of the world from me, very kindly sending me a copy of this video being broadcast in Japan at the moment.  The video is a brief interview with Kathryn to promote the broadcasting of CC season 4 due to start next week on the AXN cable channel in Japan.  Nobu informs me that the WOWOW satellite channel in Japan is currently showing season 6.

The video is very much the Kathryn we know and adore, very funny and cute, talking about Lilly and her (lack of) love life.

In the Gallery you will now find slightly shrunk in size but full-length version of the interview and a set of full-sized screencaps.

One thing that is not clear is when the interview took actually place.  Nobu thinks the interview is likely to have been recorded in 2008 when WOWOW broadcast season 4, which makes sense.  If you have any thoughts or information on that please do let us know in the comments.

Uncountable thank yous to Nobu.

axn_cc_s4_interview_003 axn_cc_s4_interview_018 axn_cc_s4_interview_047

20 comments to AXN Cold Case S4 Interview

  • Icywinter2

    Great Video and Caps, I do recall seeing a similar video that both Kathryn and the cast of Cold Case did for this season as well.

  • Nscha

    Cute vid! Thanks Nobu and RichE!

  • Icywinter2

    How come Japan is now showing Season Six?

  • nobu

    Usually two versions of US dramas are on air in Japan, one with subtitle of Japanese and another dubbed into Japanese.  So it takes time to translate, subtitle and dub.  In addition, WOWOW (pronounced as two words, wow wow) is terribly slow.  Other dramas broadcasted by other channels are not so delayed. The final seasons of LOST, Heroes and Prison Break are on air at the moment.  AXN have bought CC from WOWOW and broadcasts it few years behind.  As I watch CC on AXN, not on WOWOW, I can’t wait season 4 starts next week! How many years am I late? Haha.

  • @Icywinter: It is clear that different parts of the world are in various stages of showing CC, assuming they get it at all. Some of that will depend on when they started showing it. If they didn’t start with S1 until a couple of years after the US then they will always be a couple of years behind if they stick to the same sort of annual schedule.

    Issues like re-dubbing the audio or subtitling will add complications of time and cost.

    In England Sky1 showed S6 last year, starting months after it started in the US. They have not shown S7 yet, and may not ever do so. Sky3 (a free-to-air sister station to Sky1) recently finished showing S6. Neither channel is showing CC at all at the moment.

    Perhaps some of our correspondents from around the world can tell us where their local TV stations are with Cold Case?

  • Here in Brazil:

    WarnerChanel: (cable television) finished the seventh season. They were replaying, but not anymore.

    SBT: (Open Television) began to replay the Sixth Season on Sundays. Next Sunday must pass the 6×02. (They have the rights to the seventh season)

    – I keep seeing SBT on Sunday 😀 (I like to review the episodes)

  • katrin41

    thanks for the video!

    Cold Case on German TV

    Kabel 1
    Friday 21:15 7×13 and 22:15 4×22

    TNT Serie
    Monday, Thursday, Saturday Season 1

  • Nscha

    In The Netherlands they’re showing season 7. After a break showing reruns, they started again with “Bombers” last week.
    And… there’s a rerun every day late in de evening, so I get my Cold Case fix daily! These reruns are from season 4.

    • zoé

      Thanks Nobu & RichE, nice interview, KM is lovely as usual 😀

      Hey Nscha, could you let me know on which channel(s) and on what day/time Cold Case is airing? I stumbled on “Soul” a while ago but cannot remember where it was! Thanks :)

  • Icywinter2

    We have reruns here in the USA; On the CW network, TNT and CBS. Although it’s sad that we won’t be getting newer episodes :-(

  • We’re doing well here with information about Japan, the UK, Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA. Any more?

  • nobu

    BTW I received a reply from AXN. It was 2006.

    • Thank you for finding that out nobu.

      AXN are helpful and quick in providing that information, perhaps all Japanese organisations are like that. In the UK it would take days to find the right person to ask and they would, days later, tell you they can’t find out.

  • azerty

    In France we wait season 6 on France 2
    and season 7 on channel+

  • Jez

    It makes me think… do you know this video?
    It doesn’t seem to me that it’s the same video, but maybe the same day… ? I don’t know.

    • Thank you Jez, I did not know that video. It does look like the video was recorded at the same time as the AXN one.

      They probably record a lots of interviews with lots broadcasters around the world in special press events and they are used when appropriate.

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