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It Was 10 Of Our British Years Ago Today

CC_Titles_16Today (12 Feb 2014) marks the 10th anniversary of Cold Case‘s first broadcast in the UK.

According to my calendar that date was a Thursday, which surprises me because I have it in mind the show went out on a Monday or Tuesday.  That probably explains why I missed the first episode despite knowing it was on and having planned to watch it.  I even managed to miss the first half of the second episode, Gleen, too.  I was better organised from then on but it was quite a long time before I finally got to see Look Again.

Back then (2004) starting the broadcast of new US TV shows in January or February was common.  It was bad from the point of view of having to wait months from the US première of a new season, but it did mean that we had a continuous run through with none of the breaks you get in America.  No gaps for Thanksgiving (we don’t do that), Xmas, New Year, and whatever random reason the networks have for taking a show off-air for weeks at a time in the early months of the year.

Since then the gap has reduced between the US and UK showings, in some cases to as little as a day.  The rise of the Internet and the free flow of information (and more) about the latest episodes has forced the UK channels to follow the US timing more closely.   The finale of Lost was actually simultaneously shown in the UK at some unholy hour during the night, and repeated for normal people at the normal time later that day.  Now we get the gaps.

The UK satellite channel Sky One, part of Rupert Murdoch’s empire (think Fox), broadcast all but the last of Cold Case‘s 7 seasons.  The Universal Channel took it over and premièred the final season, and has been showing multiple repeat episodes from across all 156 episodes almost daily ever since.

10 Years Ago Today

CC_Titles_16It might be difficult to believe but a whole decade has passed since Cold Case first hit the television screens of the United States Of America.

Sunday the 28th, September 2003 was the day when the world got to Look Again for the first time :-)  Did you watch Cold Case on that première day?  Did the format hook you straight away or were you just mesmerised by the leading lady?

According to the lists of traditional gifts of wedding anniversaries the 10th year is Tin (or Aluminium/Aluminum).  The modern US list is a little more materialistic with it hitting the valuable items much, much sooner!

Looking back through old TV news from early in 2003 it is interesting to see in a brief way the journey the show went on before going to air in the autumn of that year.

Initially the show was called Cold Cases (plural) and Justin Chambers was leading the way.  Shortly afterwards news of his female co-star broke.  You may have heard of her :-)  Next we get a possible name change to The Unsolved.  Perhaps the issue with the other show with Cold Case in the title was being dealt with at that time.  The Unsolved was thought to be up for a Friday night broadcast slot, Mel Winkler was the actor in the role of Will Jeffries, and Jeremy Ratchford’s character was called Ronnie Vera.  By the 2003 Upfronts (the big press events in May) the name was back to the singular Cold Case and the time slot had shifted to Sunday nights at 8pm, both of which we became so familiar with.  The pilot must have been re-shot as the first episode with Thom Barry as Jeffries.  A month before the opening night Danny Pino was added to the cast for a later episode replacing Justin.

In the first week Cold Case had the largest audience for a CBS drama première in years.  It beat the new N.C.I.S. show by over 2.5 million viewers.  Where is that show now?  :-)  Within a couple of weeks Cold Case had an order for additional episodes and within a month had a full season order.

The 2003/2004 season saw a lot of big new shows it the air.  In addition to those already mentioned, in no particular order, there were shows like Karen Cisco (starring Carla Gugino, a short lived cop show based on the character played by Jennifer Lopez in Out Of Sight), Arrested Development (still going after a few bumps in the road), Nip/Tuck (long running drama about plastic surgeons in Miami), Tru Calling (post-Buffy Eliza Dushku drama), and teen soap opera One Tree Hill.

Cold Case S01E23 – Lover’s Lane HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S01E23_lilly_332It’s been a long summer, plus a bit extra.  Is there name for something that goes beyond even an “Indian Summer”?

We finally reach the end of KM UK’s Summer Of HD 2012 and what better way to end it than with the Cold Case season one finale: Lover’s Lane.

The wrongful rape and murder conviction from a 1986 case is overturned by new DNA evidence.  But wait.  Is that another woman in the office?

It’s Detective Anna Mayes (Robin Weigert).  Mayes knows Scotty from one of his previous postings and she’s brought in the released man to talk over the case with Lilly.  The PPD squad and Mayes leap into action to re-investigate.  Detective Mayes actually returns for 3 more episodes across seasons 2 and 3.  The last of those was Start Up (S03E07), the episode just before Kat Miller (Tracie Thoms) graced the squad with her very welcome presence.

Things get complicated for Lil’.  She has clearly got over her reservations about letting Kite get past the front door (so to speak) when one of the chief suspects in the case comes a-knocking on the very same.  Attacked and left for dead in the same crime that saw the death of his girlfriend he finds himself drawn to Lilly (well duh!).  Scotty very helpfully pointed out the similarity between the ladies early on.  He needs glasses but he got the plot point in there.  Lilly doesn’t want to hurt the guy’s feelings as he is obviously still grieving but this causes a strain in the Rush-Kite relationship.

Can they solve the case and mend hearts too?

338 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps from the episode can now be found in the Gallery.

KM UK’s Summer Of HD updates will be back in 2013.

Cold_Case_S01E23_lilly_021 Cold_Case_S01E23_lilly_098 Cold_Case_S01E23_lilly_326

Cold Case S01E22 – The Plan HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S01E22_lilly_250The Cold Case squad have it easy don’t they?  Their colleagues are out on the streets of Philly keeping the city safe from darker side of humanity.  At any moment they could be faced with an armed attacker or the aftermath of a major incident.  Lilly and co. just have to be wary of slightly threatening letters 😀

The Plan is about the death of instructor Nash Cavanaugh at the Wilkes Military Academy For Boys, a “boot camp” for young offenders.  The plan itself is a method of dealing with his charges.  It is far from an official technique.  Having realised that many of them have suffered so much at Cavanaugh’s hands a group of boys decide to use his own scheme against him.

312 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps for KM UK’s Summer of HD 2012 can now be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S01E22_lilly_042 Cold_Case_S01E22_lilly_128 Cold_Case_S01E22_lilly_247

Cold Case S01E21 – Maternal Instincts HD Screencaps

Cold_Case_S01E21_lilly_049We know that we’re really stretching the whole “Summer” thing now but we’ve only got a few more posts to go in the set so please bear with us.

Bit of a complicated episode this one.

A social worker friend of Lilly’s (who returns in season 3 for a couple more episodes) presents her with a situation that is perhaps a little too close to home.  An adopted teenage boy who has had more than his fair share of run-ins with the authorities already is looking at possible jail time.  Lilly knows about troubled kids with difficult home lives.  Can her intervention convince the lad to straighten himself out?  Will solving the murder he witnessed as a 3 year-old help banish his demons?

Maternal Instincts, another multi-meaning title, is this week’s KM UK Summer of HD 2012 episode from Cold Case season 1.

429 HD (720p) Lilly screencaps from the episode can now be found in the Gallery.

Cold_Case_S01E21_lilly_115 Cold_Case_S01E21_lilly_210 Cold_Case_S01E21_lilly_280

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