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Cold Case Is 14 Today

CC_Titles_16Yes!  Nailed it!  I’ve remembered and got the right date for the first time in a few years.

The 28th of September is one of those key dates in the KM UK calendar.  In 2003 it was first time the world got to Look Again.  The first episode of Cold Case premièred that Sunday night on the CBS network in America.

Happy Birthday Cold Case.

The basic formula of investigating old unsolved cases was set from the beginning, but the Cold Case greatly expanded the flashback elements as that initial season progressed.  They became key to what made the show different from other procedurals, and no doubt added greatly to the cost and complexity of making each episode.  Two actors were often used to play the same character at different ages, and the sets needed to be changed to match the time periods too.

One significant change in the early season was the departure of actor Justin Chambers.  Justin played Chris Lassing, the detective paired with Kathryn’s Lilly Rush.  He only appeared in three of the first four episodes (Look Again, Gleen, and Churchgoing People).  The order the episodes were filmed may have been different from the order they were broadcast, explaining Justin’s absence from number three.  Justin went on to become a lead character in Grey’s Anatomy.  The hospital drama returns to TV tonight to start its 14th season.  In the coming months Justin will be celebrating his 300th episode of Grey’s.  One hundred times more than he did on Cold Case!  That’s quite a milestone.

Danny Pino as Scotty Valens was brought in as Lilly’s cop partner from episode five, so the decision to change was likely taken before Look Again first aired.  Danny remained for the rest of the show’s seven season run.

With all the remakes and ‘re-imaging’ going on in Hollywood these days it is surely time to get the old gang back together again (as I pondered HERE in July) or for a Cold Case: The Next Generation?

Cold Case Is 13 (and 1/365th)

CC_Titles_16To quote someone I gather is making headlines again:  Ooops, I’ve done it again  😯

For the second year running I’m a day late with this.  You really must point out these mistakes to me or I’ll never learn :-)

Yes, it was 13 years ago yesterday (28th September 2016) that Cold Case first hit the television screens of our American cousins.  The CBS ‘procedural’ started on that Sunday night with the episode “Look Again” and was followed by 155 more across seven seasons.

TV has moved on, the super heroes have made a come back for a start, and the stars of Cold Case have moved on.  More on that tomorrow.

We miss you.

Pick Free Cold Case In UK

CC_Titles_16Starting next Monday (11th Jan) the UK television channel Pick (previously known as Sky 3) will begin broadcasting Cold Case from the première episode Look Again.

Each weekday (Mon-Fri) morning at 9am, with a repeat at 5pm, the Pick station, which is freely available on all of the UK’s broadcast platforms (Freeview, Freesat, Sky satellite, and Virgin Media cable), will be showing an episode of the police procedural drama starring Kathryn, John Finn, Jeremy Ratchford, and Thom Barry.  Danny Pino didn’t join the cast until episode 6, replacing Justin Chambers.  Tracie Thoms’ Kat Miller didn’t appear until season 3.

In a slight twist in the first week there are actually six episodes across the five days.  I presume that the content of Our Boy Is Back (ep 3) means that they can’t show it at 9am and have pulled it forward to 1am.  Episode 4 (Churchgoing People) follows at 9am.  This may happen again later in the series.  If it works as it is designed to be used then the ‘series link’ feature of most PVRs should record them all for you.

This is only the second proper post of the year on KM UK and both have been about Kathryn’s work appearing on the small screen in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.  I make no apologies for that.  This is KM UK after all :-)  Hopefully it gives those of you elsewhere in the world a bit of inspiration to seek out things like Cold Case.

Cold Case Is 12 (and 1/365th)


My timing isn’t what it could be  :-)

Yesterday (28th September 2015) marked the 12th anniversary of Cold Case starting.

Sunday, the 28th September 2003 saw Cold Case première with, oddly enough, the first episode :-)

That first show was one of the highest rated débuts ever on the CBS network and it went on to 156 episodes over 7 seasons.  It started with “Look Again” and ended on May 2nd, 2010 with “Shattered”.

Cold Case Turns 11

CC_Titles_16Opening scene:  A new birth at the CBS TV network

Caption:  Sunday, 28th September 2003

It was Sunday then, it’s a Sunday now (unless you are looking at this at a time when it isn’t of course :-) ).  Yes, Cold Case first appeared on screens 11 years ago today.  Happy birthday.

If Cold Case had continued it would have started it’s 12th season last week.  Though I fear that if it’s trajectory of timeslots continued it would have been on at 4am, assuming the late weather forecast didn’t over run, and, with around 250 cases solved by now, there would have been very few boxes left in the file room.  I’m not sure we would have wanted to watch the squad solve the 1982 case of little Timmy’s hamster.  Did it die of natural causes as it ran in it’s wheel or did the cat scare it to death?  Does a just-surfaced mobilephone voice mail message which just happened to catch the family budgerigar squawking “naughty Tiddles” implicate the doer?  We will never know now  :-)

Actually, I really want to see that episode 😀  Just imagine the final scene as Lilly sees the ghostly figure of ‘Hammy’ giving a grateful wink and hopping back into his wheel for one last spin  :-(

Lilly and co. spearheaded the Sunday night female-led dramas, now exemplified by The Good Wife and CBS’s new 8pm starter Madam Secretary.  Téa Leoni (Bad Boys) is an academic thrust into the role of Secretary Of State, the position currently held in ‘real life’ by John Kerry.  It is a job that several women have had since the late 90s by Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice and, most recently, Hilary Clinton.

Happy 11th Cold Case.  We miss you.

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