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Vote Kathryn

51st Monte Carlo TV Festival LogoWe’ve frequently been able to see that the French people appreciate Kathryn very much, a sentiment we certainly concur with :-)

Further proof of this is the French TV network TMC and magazine Télé 7 Jours giving viewers a chance to vote for the “actress and actor of the most glamorous series of 2011”.  This includes Kathryn for Cold Case, presumably she is eligible because new episodes of CC are still being broadcast.  In some way this is connected to the annual Monte Carlo Television Festival due to happen in early June, an event that Kathryn has attended several times in the past.

Get voting for our favourite lady by going HERE.

Thanks to Karen for the heads-up.

Kathryn In Télé Magazine March 2011

CoverObviously I’d like to French Kathryn myself but I’m outnumbered to the tune of over 60 million to 1 by a whole country of them!  I can’t compete with that!  😀

Yet again the French television viewing public prove that they appreciate Kathryn more than most by giving her another magazine cover starring role.  This week’s edition of Télé Magazine (number 2888, for the week 12-18 March) is previewing Cold Case season 7 due to be broadcast on the France 2 channel.

The photos used to illustrate the article are not new but they’ve chosen some great shots of Kathryn.  Scans of the cover and article pages can now be found in the Gallery.  Below you can find a transcript of the French text and a basic translation into English (Google translate + manual editing).  If any French speakers have any suggestions for corrections please let me know.

Huge thanks to Rusher for putting in a great deal of effort to help me with this.

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First For Women – August 2008

first_for_women_001Today we have a small addition to the magazine section of the Gallery with another piece on Kathryn from First For Women magazine.  This time it is from the August 2008 edition.

It’s not a proper discussion-type of interview, more a simple question & answer session written up as a series of statements by Kathryn.  We get Kathryn’s thoughts on her acceptance of her beautiful pale skin and the wish to challenge herself regularly.

The mention of filming in Canada a couple of summers previously (2006) will most likely have been Resurrecting The Champ, which appeared at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2007 and was released later that year.

A scan of the magazine is now in the Gallery and a full transcript is below.

Thanks to my brochure buddy Sammie for her help.

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London Rush – CBS Watch! June 2007

page_54To continue our trawl through the publication archives we have a fun little interview with Kathryn in the June 2007 edition of CBS Watch! magazine.

Kathryn had just visited London (why didn’t you say you were coming?) with her sister and got to take in the sights and shops of London town between filming promos for Sky TV (the broadcaster of Cold Case in the UK that goes unnamed in the article). It sounds like she enjoyed her time greatly.

In the Gallery are scans of the magazine pages and after the jump is a transcript of the interview.

Kathryn, if you are ever visiting the UK again please do let me know.  You can bunk with me to save on hotel 😉

Big thanks again to my magazine girl Sammie for her help.
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Kathryn In Public Magazine October 2010

page_07The French press don’t want to let this one go do they? I thought they were finished last time but apparently not.  At least they used some great photos from the Creative Arts Emmys to illustrate the “story.”

This time it’s Public magazine, a tabloid scandal sheet like The National Enquirer rather than a TV magazine, that runs the whole Kathryn/Brad story.  It’s a rehash of the Star and National Enquirer stories.

Scan of the pages can be found in the Gallery A transcript of the French text and another of my Google-assisted attempts at an English translation can be after the jump.

Thanks to yet again Rusher for the scans.

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