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Halloween Fan Art?

Anyone up for creating some Kathryn-related, Halloween-themed fan art?

The idea came up in a recent discussion which had drifted somewhat from its topic :-)

At the time I referred to it as a “competition” but I think “challenge” would probably be more appropriate.  There won’t be any prizes beyond fame, glory and deep sense of pride you’ll get seeing your artistic endeavours displayed in the KM UK Gallery :-)

My aim would be to post all suitable submissions at some point during the week prior to the witching day itself, 31st October.  Let us know you are interested in a comment below and email me directly or use the contact form to arrange sending me your work.

Fan Art Update – October 2010

banner_011_500x164_icywinterHere is the first update to the Fan Art section of the KM UK Gallery, hopefully the first of many.

The gallery has been extended with a new segments for Banners and Buttons.  We are kicking them off with 22 items.

We have also some new great Avatars and Wallpapers & Backgrounds by Karen and IcyWinter.  Thanks to them for their handiwork, hard work and generosity.

The KM UK Gallery is full of useful source material for Fan Art in the form of large sized, high quality photos and scans and HD screencaps from Kathryn’s TV and film work.  New images are added regularly.  The search facility, combined with the tagging of the images, should help you find the image you are after.

If you feel inspired to make some Kathryn-related Fan Art please do let me know so you can showcase it on KM UK.

avatar_012_100x100_riche wallpaper_032_1024x768_icywinter drawing_003_402x402_kareen_t

Fan Art Gallery Open

Ladies & Gentlemen.  Lords & Ladies.  Boys & Girls.  Welcome to this special occasion: the opening of a new wing of the KM UK Gallery.

Today I am proud to announce the opening of the Fan Art section of the KM UK Gallery.

In the new area you will find albums for Avatars, Drawings and Wallpapers & Backgrounds.  Later, I hope to add Banners & Signatures and Buttons, and anything else that’s required based on submissions from artists.

As you will see I’ve had a great response to my initial requests for images, but more will be added all the time so please do continue to submit your latest masterpieces.  I’d like to thank Alpha, ColdCasePedia, Karen and Mariana Elias for getting us off to a fantastic start with some wonderful images.

A page has been created giving more information about the Fan Art section, you can read it HERE.

Don’t forget to comment on and rate the images.

wallpaper_001_1600x1200_alpha wallpaper_024_1280x1024_coldcasepedia wallpaper_029_911x1018_kareen_t

Wanted: Banners & Badges

Sorry, I’m on the scrounge for artistic talent again!  And I just know you’ve got loads to spare.

I would like a few banners and buttons to be used as links to KMUK on other sites.  My abilities in this department have been proven to be lacking far too often for me to consider attempting such a thing myself.  So I wondering if you kind people would help?

Obviously the images would need to include something relating to Kathryn and the name of the site.  The “UK” thing, and the “look & feel” of this site might be worth considering as motifs.  The Gallery is full of potential source material.

There seem to be some common standards used for these things.  Banners of between 500px and 700px wide.  Buttons at around 100px wide.  An example of a button that I have already is one that TVFan kindly created for use on Pass The Remote (shown on the right) which is 100x40px.

All submissions will be showcased in the forthcoming Fan Art section of the Gallery.

Please contact me via a comment below, email or the Contact form if you wish to help

Thank you.

Your Fan Art In The Gallery?

Would you like to showcase your Kathryn-based artistic works in the KM UK Gallery?

If there is sufficient interest I will create a new section of the Gallery for users to display their Photoshop creations (other graphics packages are available).

I am open to suggestions of what is considered the best way to arrange things but the current plan would be that each user would have their own album (a sub-album of Miscellaneous / Fan Art), which could have separate sub-albums for different types of graphics such as wallpapers, banners and avatars.

If you are interested in contributing then please contact me via the Contact form or leave a comment below.

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