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The Sweeter A-Side Of Life

on_set_20120605_001Recently Michael Damien, co-writer/producer/director of Kathryn’s upcoming movie The Sweeter Side Of Life, has made several references to the film’s soundtrack.

It seems that the soundtrack could be released alongside the film and that Michael himself will be singing on it.  He has recorded a song called Rock My Heart.  As well as acting in the long-running soap opera The Young And The Restless Michael has had a lot of success as a singer.  He is most associated with a cover of the David Essex song Rock On, later covered by Def Leppard amongst others.

Earlier today (UK time) composer/musician/singer/producer (does no one have just one job title these days?) John Khula released a different track made for The Sweeter Side Of Life.

The song is called Love Is Dancin’ and can be heard on the Reverbnation website.  It’s a 3 minute long up-beat ditty, much as you would expect from such a film.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

One other piece of information to come from this is that the film could well be set for a January 2013 release.

The Sweeter Side Of Life stars Kathryn as Desiree, a newly divorced woman who returns penniless to her home town and starts working in her father’s bakery.  James Best (The Dukes Of Hazzard) co-stars.

3 comments to The Sweeter A-Side Of Life

  • Terrie

    Hey Where Can I Get This Movie it is so Good i wont to buy it !!! THANKS Terrie Michael Damian I didnt know he was making movie i have meat him 3 time he is a sweet person!!

  • Thaleis

    I just finished to look at the complete gallery about this movie…

    It’s probably not a “chef-d’oeuvre” or the kind of piece which deserve an Oscar, neither the kind of movie I would imagine Kathryn working for, but Gosh ! She looks so freaking funny in it !

    Hope it will be on TV someday here in France… I guess it’s just a “Fooding Work” as we call it, but it’s a great way to see Kathryn in a real comedian process.

    I would see her sweet mimics in a great comedy movie or why not, even a musical one day… 😉

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