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Cougars, Inc. DVD Out Today In US

DVD boxIt’s the 10th of May which can only mean one thing: you’re five days late for Cinco de Mayo :-)

Of course not :-)  It means that our North American cousins can finally get their hands on a hard copy of the movie Cougars, Inc.

Now available “in all good retailers” as they say, and plenty of shoddy ones too no doubt, are the DVD and Blu-ray versions.  Buy it today to see Kathryn as you’ve never seen her before 😉

You can read KM UK’s review of the movie here.  If you write your own review let me know and I’ll add to the site for all to read.

Cougars, Inc. Miami Events Round-up

release_party_invite_20110506_miamiStarting last Friday (6th May 2011) evening various events were due to happen in Miami, Florida to promote the release of Cougars, Inc. on DVD on the 10th of May.  Catalina Rodriguez, Christian Murphy and Cary Alexander were there.

I’ve thrown together a quick list of the all the events that we know happened in Miami over the weekend as part of the promotional tour.  PR people take note.

The events were:

Cougars, Inc. Tour To Hit Miami – Update x6

release_party_invite_20110506_miamiThe lovely Catalina Rodriguez, one of the stars of Cougars, Inc., has sent a Tweet saying that she is on her way to Miami for tomorrow night’s screening event (6th May 2011).  This event was listed in the previously announced set.

According to the text of the invite the event will start at the Sun Life Stadium with the cast throwing out the 1st pitch (which I gather is a big thing) at the Florida Marlins game at 7:10pm 6:45pm.  After that there will be a red carpet event for the DVD release party at the Eden Roc Hotel.

We know from the Cold Case season 6 episode Stealing Home that Kathryn looks great on the baseball pitch so let’s hope she will be attending :-)

Catalina included a small image of the invite, but I found a larger version on her Facebook page.  I have added it to the Gallery for safe keeping.

Update (6th May, 18:30BST): An article by Ben Crandell has been posted on the Sun Sentinel website about members of the cast being at the game tonight.  Apparently there will be autograph signing session at 6pm at the stadium.  Christian Murphy is said to be throwing the first pitch.  Kathryn is not mentioned at all in the short piece.  You can read the article HERE.

Update 2 (6th May, 19:45BST): A few minutes ago a Tweet by Catalina says that the Eden Roc Hotel has been postponed due to weather conditions.  This is becoming quite the rollercoaster ride.

Update 3 (7th May, 19:15BST): Yesterday Catalina sent another Tweet, this time with a picture of her with Christian Murphy and Cary Alexander (Cougars, Inc. co-stars) at the stadium.  Those three are the ones that were listed in Ben Crandell’s Sun Sentinel article suggesting that that was the planned extent of cast members present in the city.  I’ve found few additional references online to this event.  Great publicity.  No updated on the rescheduling of the red carpet event has been forthcoming.  The weather looks a little better in Miami today.

Update 4 (8th May, 11:50BST): Late last night Miami time Catalina sent another Tweet and updated her Facebook page with a message that she had to leave Miami early because of another work commitment.  The use of “early” implies that there is more to come from the tour in Miami.

Update 5 (8th May, 21:00BST): Posts on Christian Murphy’s Facebook page suggest that the remaining cast members that went to Miami are leaving today.  At the time of  writing it is mid-afternoon in Miami so I’d say it is unlikely that there are any further promotional events to do.  Perhaps we’ll have more luck with New York tomorrow, assuming it happens at all.

Update 6 (10th May, 7:45BST): Catalina (who has become our primary source for information regarding this alleged tour) posted on her Facebook Fan page about a promotional photoshoot that took place in Miami with Christian Murphy and Cary Alexander.  The photoshoot was done by professional photographer Maria Lankina (her site is a bit NSFW) and for what it’s worth you can see the photos here.  It is increasingly clear that Kathryn was not in Miami, and was probably never going to be, though her not taking part in this photoshoot is not really proof of that.  Catalina’s Facebook posts also mention visiting other cities in the future, but there is no further info.  I’ve updated the previous post about the tour to record what has and hasn’t happened.

Cougars, Inc. Review

Cougars_Inc_1080p_347DVD reviews for Cougars, Inc. are starting to become quite wide spread online ahead of the US release next week (10th of May) so it is about time for me to post mine.  I’ve tried to avoid falling into the trap some reviews do of being little more than a description of the film with a few comments tacked on the end.  I have done a plot summary but that is followed by something more akin to a review.  Not having access to preview copies of the US release this is based on the European DVD & Blu-ray that became available a couple of weeks ago under the name of Loverboys.  The US version will vary slightly by having some additional extras (a cast commentary that includes Kathryn and a deleted scene that doesn’t) but the movie itself will be the same.

I shouldn’t need to add a spoiler warning but if you don’t want to know anything about this movie before watching it yourself you should not read any further.

You can find the KM UK review of Cougars, Inc. HERE.

If you want to write your own review please contact me and I will add to a special page on the site.

As many of you have already noticed there is a large collection of HD screenaps from the film in the Gallery, they’ve actually been there for over a month now.

Cougars_Inc_1080p_196 Cougars_Inc_1080p_266 Cougars_Inc_1080p_404

Cougars, Inc. May Not Tour – Update

24 hours after Asher Levin announced the Cougars, Inc. screening tour and with less than 24 hours to go before it was due to start the first event has been called off.

The Boston event Facebook page has been updated with the word “CANCELLED” in its title though the time and location information remain.  The description has been removed but more ominously the details, what few there were, of the other planned events have been removed.  So much for May.

At the time of writing no explanation has been given.

Update: The Facebook event page for the Boston event has been removed.  Still no explanation and no sign so far of information about any other events.

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