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Cougars, Inc. On Set – Part 4

onset_20100213_023And we reach the end of what we’ve called Cougar Week, a look back behind-the-scenes on the movie Cougars, Inc., with part 4: the 13th of February 2010.  Part 3 can be found HERE.

All the ladies were together again, this time for the shots outside in the garden.  In a scene that must have been dramatically cut down for the film a load of friends have joined our foursome for yoga.  We only saw a couple of lines spoken from it but from the look of the set up involved in these photos there must have been much more.

Also, there are more shots the children’s party scene.  Another chance for Kathryn to show us her angry face.

32 new and updated photos are now in the Gallery.

There is also a large sized version of the the invite to the movie première and after party invite now in the Gallery.  Possibly indicative of the way the movie promotion was handled the invite appears to be missing a date!

Sadly we have not seen any photos on the set of… certain… other scenes  :-(

onset_20100213_021 onset_20100213_022 onset_20100213_041

Cougars, Inc. On Set – Part 3

onset_20100212_006Since the last post in our little behind-the-scenes retrospective that we are calling Cougar Week, the filming of Cougars, Inc. has moved forward just 3 days.  However, in the film we’ve jumped on a lot further than that.  And there wasn’t even a time machine in the film!  That’s movie magic for you.

On the 12th of February 2010 the cast and crew of Cougars, Inc. were on location shooting Kathryn’s final scene in the film.  According the commentary track on the DVD Kathryn actually suggested this as an additional scene herself to help tie up her character’s story arc.  It involved Alison (Kathryn) and Sam (Kyle Gallner) bumping into each in the street some time after ending their relationship.  Alison appears to have re-discovered her independence, a “contractor”, and a hat.

11 new photos are now in the Gallery.

onset_20100212_008 onset_20100212_011 onset_20100212_012

Cougars, Inc. On Set – Part 2

onset_20100209_004Part two of Cougar Week here on KM UK.  Another set of behind-the-scenes photos from Cougars, Inc. brings us to the 9th of February 2010.  Part one is HERE.

On that day in history the ladies filmed the scene where Judy (Denise Richards) and Alison (Kathryn) argue about what happened between Sam (Kyle Gallner) and Alison.  Judy wants in on the action.  Alison is not so keen.

What should we call this scene then: “Girl fight”, “Cougars show their claws”, “Who’s she?”?

9 new and updated photos are now in the Gallery.

onset_20100209_007 onset_20100209_010 onset_20100209_011

Cougars, Inc. On Set – Part 1

onset_20100207_010We were going to do this last week but other things got in the way.

It’s been over two years since Cougars, Inc. was filmed, and more than a year since it was released on home video formats and largely disappeared.  There’s still stuff to come from it though.  For the rest of this week we will be bringing you a daily dose of new or updated behind-the-scenes photos from the movie.  We’re going to label this series of posts Cougar Week.

To start us off we have photos taken on the 7th of February 2010, the day the party scenes were filmed.  You’ll have to play “Where’s Waldo” bit for Kathryn in some of them.  There’s lots of legs, hair and teeth, not all of them Kathryn’s.

18 new or updated photos are now in the Gallery.

onset_20100207_002 onset_20100207_018 onset_20100207_019

Cougars, Inc. Review Update – US Release

box_art_005Amazon did it again.  Last time, for Loverboys (Cougars, Inc.’s German release name), Amazon Germany got it to me on the release day and then reduced the price.  OK, Amazon USA got the discs delivered today, the day after the launch which is understandable given the distance but they’ve once again reduced the price and charged me at lower rate.

I’ve updated my movie review to make a few notes on the differences between the two versions.  I’ll get one of the differences out the way right now, you may have spotted it already :-)  The image above is from the back cover of the US release DVD and Blu-ray packaging (there’s a copy in the Gallery).  Unlike the Loverboys release that had a collection of images on the back, none of which involved Kathryn, this release has a single image made up of shots taken at the promo photoshoot (as we saw in the behind the scenes video).  Well, sort of.  For some reason they’ve replaced Kyle’s head with the one from the front cover image.  It’s good to see that shot of Kathryn finally used :-)

The front cover uses the updated box art that includes a more prominent Kathryn and Jim Belushi.  The differences were covered in a previous posting.  Asher came through on his claim to be making more of a feature of Kathryn.

Read my updated review HERE.

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