February 2019
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Cold Case Cast Catch-up – February 2019

A relatively short one this time.  Come on Tracie!  Make three short films and take on five theatrical roles in March to make up for this slacking   February 2019’s round-up of Cold Case cast members that aren’t Kathryn show business news starts….. NOW!

Yesterday (27th Feb) saw the drama series Gone finally received its […]

Resurrecting Resurrecting The Champ: Out Of The Blu… ray

File this one under:  Really?  This wasn’t a thing already?

News has reached KM UK that the 2007 film Resurrecting The Champ is set for a Blu-ray release in America this coming June.

Some parts of the world, notably Germany, had a Blu-ray version of the movie years ago but it appears that wasn’t the […]

Cold Case S01E15 – Disco Inferno Promo Update

I don’t think I’d be speaking out of turn too say that ‘Disco Inferno’ is a firm fan favourite amongst Cold Case episodes.  Feel free to let me know either way with a comment below.

At episode 15 of season one the show was into its stride.  The format is bedded in, no doubt with […]

Be My Valentine

To Kathryn, with great affection Happy Valentine’s Day

These days we seem be ever more narrowing our focus on the ‘app’ rather than looking at the wider picture of ‘happy’.  Why don’t we try being Kinder to each other instead of the digital alternatives?

Anyway, after a number of years doing this I’m beginning […]

Resurrection Of A Cheerleader

A great (and I use the word advisedly) tradition of the media industry is remaking older tv shows/films/etc. and I’ve found out that the Lifetime Network in the US has been at it.  The new TV movie was first aired at the weekend.

To be fair to them they’ve not ‘done a Spider-man’ and made […]