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Yet Still More Cold Case Guest Star Reddit AMAs

Up for a bit of Cold Case chat with an actor that guest starred on the show?

Thanks to Todd Smitts, our resident expert in all things Cold Case, I have an update on a couple more of these Ask Me Anything Q&A sessions on the Reddit website.

This was Todd’s latest message to me:

[T]wo more Cold Case actors will be doing AMA’s on reddit this week.  Ksenia Solo (Lena from “Cargo”) will be doing on at 5 PM eastern on June 8, and Ian Anthony Dale (Ray Takahashi from “Family 8108”) at 5 PM eastern on June 9.

Ksenia Solo is a Latvia-born Canadian actress who has starred in the movie Black Swan and the TV series Lost Girl amongst many other things.  You may remember her in Cargo as the girl with curly hair, a look she doesn’t appear to sport these days.  Currently she is busy with shows Orphan Black and TURN: Washington Spies and has a film called Another You out at some point this year.  She’s a busy woman.

By the time Ian Anthony Dale guested in Family 8108 he’d already been a regular on shows like Charmed and Surface.  He’s also guested on a lot of other shows.  Bones, 24, all the CSIs, The Mentalist, Burn Notice, The Event, are just a few from a long list.  Most recently Ian had a recurring role in Hawaii Five-O and a lead role in Murder In The First.  He’s a busy man.

The Reddit IAmA page HERE has all the details etc.

If you have details of something you think fellow Kathryn/Cold Case fans would be interested in then please use the Contact form to let me know and I’ll post about it.

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