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Cold Case Cast Catch-up – February 2014

Phew, February’s short! It only feels like last month that we posted the January edition of the KM UK ‘CCCC-up’, where we bring you up to date with what’s going on in the careers of the Cold Case cast members that aren’t Kathryn.  We’ll start with award winners and end on a mystery…

Jeremy Ratchford […]

Kathryn @ ACE Eddie Awards – Feb 2001

The things some people come up with.

I have no idea how many of these groups, organisations and trade bodies exist but so many of them seem to have their own awards and accompanying ceremonies.

Of course, only the very best create cleverly named statues that appear at first to bear no relation to the […]

The C.O.I.N. At The C.I.F.F. – Update

This one won’t shouldn’t show up my limited foreign language skills, unlike the last one

In a late night (for those of us this side of ‘the pond’) Tweet the writer/director/producer of the intriguing short film The Coin let it be known that his film will be screened at the Cleveland International Film Festival […]

Alice Sweet Alice Remake On IMDb

Unbelievably it has been almost exactly 10 months since news first broke that Kathryn was lined up to star in a remake of classic horror movie Alice Sweet Alice (aka Communion and Holy Terror).

These things take time.  Until relatively recently most people outside the industry would not know what was going on until everything […]

Kathryn @ CDG Awards – Feb 2005

From the slightly ridiculous to the sublime.

The KM UK time machine has got stuck in 2005.  The TARDIS was always rather temperamental so why should our KMARDIS (no?) be any different.  It must be too much water in the works, or something.

For this latest hit of nostalgia we move on the 7th annual […]

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