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L.A. Firefighters

la_firefighters_S01E02_011L.A. Firefighters was a short-lived TV series from 1996.  The show followed the lives of, believe it or not, a company of firefighters in the Los Angeles Fire Department.  The presence of female fire officers in such a male dominated environment being a key issue they dealt with.

Only the first season’s six episodes ever aired.  The real L.A. Firefighters Union were none too pleased at the they way were portrayed and disassociated themselves from the show.  A reworking for the second season, including a name change to  Fire Co. 132, came to nought and it was never broadcast.  The first season has rarely, if ever, been repeated.

Kathryn was in three episodes from that first season playing a woman called Helen Regan.  Helen was the wife of one of the crew killed in the line of duty at the end of the pilot episode.  In the trio episodes Helen attends the funeral of her husband and spends time with another fireman, Jack, who has decided to look after his departed colleague’s widow and children.  She then announces she is leaving for Seattle to live near her brother.

A very small collection of small screencaps has been in the Gallery for some time but I have now added a few more and organised them by episode.  Sadly the additions are even smaller and of lower quality than the existing ones, but many thanks to our friends at The Elizabeth Mitchell Fan Club for kindly donating them.  Elizabeth, best known now for her role in Lost, starred as the wife of a fireman in L.A. Firefighters.

la_firefighters_S01E02_008 la_firefighters_S01E03_002 la_firefighters_S01E04_016

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  • Icywinter2

    Kathryn had a such a baby face, back then; she still looks young :-)
    Thanks for the screencaps you are the Ultimate Kathryn picture King :-)

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