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The Eagle Has Landed

We have our first evidence that Kathryn is in the vicinity of the Coachella Music Festival for the Mother’s Little Helpers event from Tweeter BigKCa:

BigKCa: Just saw Kathryn Morris walkin in PS. She’s a very pretty petite woman! – Link

A brief but highly accurate assessment 😉

16 comments to The Eagle Has Landed

  • I always think of her as a little elf or something :)
    A fairy?
    Oh God, I love her <3

  • IcyWinter

    Kathryn is hardly a petite woman, she’s 5″7, a tall woman. Not a short person

  • Lolly

    Yeah, I always thought she was pretty tall.
    At least, 5″7 is tall for me, I’m 5″2, so I’m like Tinkerbell’s cousin. :) ahahaha :)

    And I love her too, Tianna. 😀 I think part of the reason I am on this Earth is so I can eventually meet her/become her new best friend 😉

    But I shouldn’t dream too big, ahahah :)

    • IcyWinter

      Kathryn is tall; not where near short. I’m still hoping that I will one day meet her.

    • Carrie

      During an interview in 2008 ( 20 July 2008 – Ya es 1/2 dia en Chin/Videos ) she said that she is 5″8. I love her being that tall, I’m 5″8 myself :-)
      Don’t we all wanna meet her one day? 😉

      • When the host says she is “high” (tall) she mentions having heals on. I think she might mean 5’8″ in heals.

        I’ve looks at a few pictures of her with various co-stars and I would say she is 5’6″-5’7″ in flat shoes, as Lilly usually wears.

        What ever she is, she’s perfect 😉

  • IcyWinter

    If the person who had posted that he saw her was actually right, he wasn’t actually right. Kathryn isn’t a petite perso, wrong choice of words

  • Lolly

    Maybe he meant skinny.
    I used to think petite meant skinny when I was like 12.
    I was so stupid, ahaha :)

  • She’s a pretty average height, but she’s small. Like, skinny?
    One of those really adorable people with tiny wrists and cute ears.
    BAHAHA! <3

  • He said petite having actually seen her. Not short. Not skinny. Petite.

    Petite is a perfectly good way to describe Kathryn, it is one I certainly use. She maybe a little taller than average, but think about what that actually means. And she has a slim build. Hence, Petite.

  • Lolly

    Petite (adj.)
    1. (of a woman) short and having a small, trim figure; diminutive.

    I did my homework. 😉

    • I checked several sources for a definition too 😉

      I was not questioning the official definition of the word, just the interpretation of its use in this case.

  • Sonia

    If I saw Kathryn Morris walking down the street …. oh god, I think that would give me a heart attack

    • Not sure I’d have a heart attack but I’d definitely consider faking one to see if I could get some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation 😉

  • Sonia

    yes hahaha I start talking too fast, to gesticulate too much, and stuttering, I’d be so nervous I would do the most ridiculous of my life lol:)