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The Bonnie Hunt Show 5 April 2010 – Screencaps & Video

20100405_bonnie_hunt_009Kathryn made an appearance on The Bonnie Hunt Show today.  And she was great, as is to be expected of her.  Of course she looked amazing.

The future of Cold Case was mentioned but largely sidestepped.  Kathryn was not going to say whether it’s been been renewed or not because I doubt she knows at this point.  Plus, she is hardly going to act as though she feels it is bound to happen either.  Her “Cold Case never dies” line was nice.

Of course Kathryn mentioned Mother’s Little Helpers. She likened it to the Tom Cruise movie Risky Business with a “Mrs Robinson” element.

Plus, we got clip from Free Love, the next episode of Cold Case.

And most importantly: lots of smiles :-)

152 screencaps and a video can now be found in the the Gallery.

Big thanks to Julie for her help with this.

20100405_bonnie_hunt_040 20100405_bonnie_hunt_101 20100405_bonnie_hunt_106

18 comments to The Bonnie Hunt Show 5 April 2010 – Screencaps & Video

  • IcyWinter

    Kathryn doesn’t even look her age or even close to it. I like how she mentioned a few things about CC, but also about her upcoming fun vacation. She really is a happy person and a down to earth one as well.

    I wish that the interview could have been longer.

    It’s nice to see her wearing her hair down, and slightly curled that up in that usual ” Lillytail,” we’re so used to.

    I do have a feeling that Kathryn probably knows about the show’s fate, after all she’s the leading actress and probably has connections that we as fans don’t.

    “When the campers a rockin’…”

  • IcyWinter

    That a huge RV, Kathryn has. I would love something like that.

  • Lolly

    Oh god not the camper again. :p Ahahahahaha!!!!!
    And the picture at the top with the pole – Deja vu? Or am I just insane? :p ahahahaha she’s so cute :)

  • Sonia

    i love this interview! I could not understand everything she said, but when I did not understand, I settled for seeing her smile! 😀

  • Sonia

    really? oh thanks you so much 😀 i don’t understad from 2:50 at 3:06 . And from minute 3:31 at minute 3:41
    I only understand some words!
    thanks you again RichE :)

    • Of course, I’m happy to help. I understand that doing so muchg in a foreign language must be difficult. I do not know any other language.

      This is what was said at the times you mentioned. If there are specific parts you do not understand tell me.

      2:50 – 3:06
      BH: So what do you do now that the season’s wrapped? Do you take off and go some place or do you stay at home because you’re so happy to get to sleep in?
      KM: I usually… well… I wake up at 4:15 every Monday and it just goes on, so… that’s nice just to have a few minutes like that.

      3:31 – 3:41
      KM: And, so we’re looking into that.
      BH: That would be… and you go there everybody has the gardens, not everybody, but especially in Tuscany they have gardens next to their home.

      • Sonia

        thanks for you help :) :) you are very kind :) ^^

        My language is Spanish, but I study English in school, and because of my love for Kathryn Morris also study on my own

        • Khaya

          Yeah, thanks, Rich. Kathryn tends to talk… a lot… and fast… Which we love, of course, but is sometimes hard to follow.

          Love the casual appearance. And the smiles. :)

      • Carrie

        I do actually have a question, too if you don’t mind.
        Right at the beginning starting at 0:57 she is saying: I can’t believe what you just did. Not many women would do that…And then something with 4 hour …
        What does she mean by that? I don’t get it :-)
        And then starting at 3:23 when she is talking about tuskany she says: you can rent a …(?) rent a …(nona??) to teach you how to. I don’t know what these are.
        Could you help me with that? :-)

        • Of course I don’t mind. Ask away.

          Re the “I can’t believe what you just did…”:

          Without seeing what happened before I can’t say for certain but I would guess it had something to do with changing clothes. Perhaps Bonnie did something before Kathryn came on and had to change clothes quickly. If that was the case then Kathryn was commenting that it would normally take 4 hours for a woman to sort everything out (clothes, hair, make-up). I did read something about Bonnie drinking from a hot sauce bottle (there is one on the desk during the interview), perhaps that is involved.

          Re Nonna.

          Just before she says “nonna” Kathryn says “Grandma”. Nonna is Italian for Grandmother. She is talking about hiring a person to teach them cooking, like a grandmother.

          • Carrie

            Thank you so much :-) It makes a lot more sense now.
            O.k. and no more questions for asking a question 😉

            Thanks again.

  • IcyWinter

    Kathryn’s interview is featured on people magazine’s website;

    A photo of her is still up there.

  • Carrie

    I love that interview. Had a lot of fun watching it. Kept me laughing the whole time. She is so funny and such a lovely person.

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