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FHM FTW? – Update x4

cover_smallHuge thanks to Lester for bring this to my attention.

This came as a bit of a shock.  We even questioned the authenticity of the image.  Thankfully it looks to be genuine.  Various places are reporting this.

It appears that Kathryn will be appearing an the upcoming edition of FHM, possibly just the French edition.  And from the look of the picture, appearing quite a lot 😉

You can find an article (in French) about it at, and a Google translation of it into English HERE.  The full text and the translation can be found after the jump.

I very, very, very, very much look forward to seeing errr… more.

I don’t think there is much more I can add to that without making you think a lot less of me 😉

Update:  Slightly larger image above.

Update 2:  Slightly larger again image added to the Gallery.

Update 3:  New large version of cover added to the Gallery.

Update 4:  I’ve very quickly edited most of the text off the cover image and added the result to the Gallery.

La comédienne américaine Kathryn Morris, 40 ans, célèbre pour son rôle de l’agent Lilly Rush dans la série à succès Cold Case, s’est livrée comme jamais en photos et en interview dans le nouveau numéro de FHM.

Lors d’une série de clichés sexy où la jolie blonde se dévoile totalement – notamment en couverture de laquelle elle ne porte qu’une petite culotte -, Kathryn Morris irradie cette nouvelle édition du mensuel masculin. Extraits.

“Cette série photos était vraiment fun ! Je me sentais suffisamment en confiance pour jouer à séduire… d’une façon que je pense sexy. C’est le fait d’être bien dans sa peau et épanouie qui fait que l’on se sent sexy. Depuis mes 40 ans, je me sens mieux, plus forte. Avec l’expérience, mais aussi le succès, j’ai appris à plus me lâcher et à ne plus m’inquiéter des petites choses.”

“Au départ, j’étais venue à Hollywood pour faire du cinéma (on a pu la voir en ex-femme de Tom Cruise dans Minority Report et dans un petit rôle dans A.I., deux films de Steven Spielberg, ndlr), et je ne pensais pas à la télé. Mais les producteurs étaient sûrs que j’étais l’actrice idéale pour incarner Lilly Rush et ils ont insisté.”

“Après sept saisons dans la peau de ce personnage, j’ai vraiment appris à l’aimer. Je commence même à la voir comme un être humain réel dont je suis l’évolution en témoin privilégié. Une série télé, c’est une expérience incroyable. C’est difficile, mais ça en vaut vraiment la peine.”

“Ce qui compte pour un homme aux Etats-Unis, c’est le travail et l’argent. Je suis venue plusieurs fois à Paris et j’ai l’impression que les Français apprécient plus la beauté, la poésie et les bonnes choses de la vie. Surtout, ils font plus attention aux femmes et savent les comprendre, en profondeur.”

“J’étais avec quelqu’un depuis neuf ans, ce qui est un record à Hollywood. Mais nos chemins prenaient des directions trop différentes. Nous nous sommes quittés sur l’air de “je t’aime assez pour te laisser partir”… J’ai toujours voulu être actrice. C’était et cela reste ma priorité, avant la romance ou le mariage.”

L’interview complète et les charmantes photos de Kathryn Morris dans le nouveau numéro de FHM, actuellement en kiosque. Malheureusement le magazine va s’arrêter fin décembre.

The American actress Kathryn Morris, 40, famous for her role as Agent Lilly Rush in the hit series Cold Case, has engaged as ever in pictures and interview in the latest issue of FHM.

In a series of sexy shots where the pretty blonde is totally revealed – including the cover of which she is wearing only panties – Kathryn Morris radiates this new edition of the monthly men. Some extracts.

“This series was really fun photos, I felt confident enough to play to win … in a way that I feel sexy. It’s being good about yourself and who flourished because we feels sexy. Since my 40 years, I feel better, stronger. With experience, but also the success, I learned to let go more and no longer worry about small things.”

“Initially, I came to Hollywood to make films (we could see the ex-wife of Tom Cruise in Minority Report and in a small role in AI, two films by Steven Spielberg, editor’s note), and I thought not on TV. But the producers were sure that I was the perfect actress to embody Lilly Rush and they insisted.”

“After seven seasons in the skin of this character, I really learned to love it. I even began to see as a real human being that I am changing in a privileged witness. A TV series is a incredible experience. It’s hard, but it’s worth it.”

“What counts for a man in the United States is work and money. I came to Paris several times and I feel that the French appreciate more the beauty, poetry and good things of life. Above all, they pay more attention to women and know how to understand, in depth.”

“I was with someone for nine years, which is a record in Hollywood. But our paths took different directions too. We parted to the tune of” I love you enough to let you go”… I always wanted to be an actress. It was and remains my priority, before the romance or marriage.”

The full interview and pictures of lovely Kathryn Morris in the latest issue of FHM, currently on newsstands. Unfortunately the magazine will stop in late December.

56 comments to FHM FTW? – Update x4

  • Karen

    Ok! The Kathryn is beautiful! Perfect! The 40 years are doing well! / I want to get to 40 just like her! -stopped –

  • Nscha

    OMG, she looks great! Can’t wait till someone will post all the pics :)

  • IcyWinter

    I never thought that she would actually do something like that. I don’t know what to think about this

    • Obviously I can’t tell you how to feel about this. I can see why it might bother some.

      However, if you are looking for a positive spin how about this: It shows that Kathryn is happy and confident in herself, at an age when many women (feeling pressured by “society”, wrongly of course) feel otherwise. Hopefully it is inspiring in some way.

  • IcyWinter

    I still wonder if she will ever be married or have kids. I guess seeing KM this way is still a bit awkward for me that is.

  • Lilly_Scotty

    I’m shocked, I never thought she would do something like this. In one way I am proud of her, it shows us that she is proud of her body. I would be to if I looked like that at 40 😉

  • IcyWinter

    She is beautiful, but I’m glad KM never altered her body; like a lot of celebs these days do. She doesn’t even look 40, but KM should settle down and have kids.

    • Lilly_Scotty

      I don’t think she really wants kids. She always says I have to see how things wind up. I get the feeling she doesn’t want them, but it would be nice for her. David?? Uh, I don’t know, she seems happy but I have a gut feelings that tells me it won’t work out. I feel she could have done so much better, but as long as she’s happy, them I am happy!

      • IcyWinter

        I really think it might work out between her and david, but who knows especially with the way hollywood is these days. However KM lives a very private life so we won’t know..

  • I wonder if this shoot is related to the Tele 7 Jours shoot?

    They are not dissimilar and it might explain the use of only 1 photo in that one.

  • tianna

    well, first of all.. she looks AMAZING! 😀
    second,.. the guy she was with for 9 years? Randy Hamilton right? they were engaged at one point.
    thirdly,.. I WANT HER TO HAVE SOME BABIES. :)
    i think they would be really cute and id love to see a little pregnant belly on her 😛
    or, ya know, she can adopt me? 😉

    • If I may respond :-)

      1st: of course 😉
      2nd: yes he was Randy and they were engaged.
      3rd: I’ll see what I can do 😮
      4th: Cute, definitely. Though on Kathryn’s petite frame it could be quite a large belly.
      5th: We’ll see 😉

  • Khaya

    I never understood the value of nude pictures. I was rather proud of Kathryn that she hadn’t been seduced to this kind of thing. But now she is. I am disappointed.

    • IcyWinter

      That’s how I felt as well

    • freddy

      Yeah, disappointing.
      The so-called “Christian” poses nude… then news comes out she’s expecting via her boyfriend.
      She sang gospel with her family in a gospel group as a child.
      Went to Christian colleges.
      Wonders when she lost her Christian innocence.

      • amei

        ohhh, shut up!! shut the fuck up& fuck off!! does it matter if she’s Christian??? No!!!! All that matters is that is she’s woth some fucking asshole, she does’t even love him and she’s gay but she’s still with him!!!! & she breaks my heart& I don’t know what to do !!! Getting drunk every 2nd night doesn;t help!! trying to look for another women doesn;t help! I am in love with her, I’ve been for past 6 years & I will stay for the rest of my life!!!& I don’t fucking care If u r Christian or Not!!! I am gay & I do love her& even God won’t stop me from being with her!! One day, me & Her!!! Or I die!!! Fuck offf!!!!

        • Abi

          ok….i dont know you but you’re kind of creeping me out saying you love her and she doesnt love him. obviously she does. also you need to calm down and drinking doesnt help

          • amei

            bahahaaaa, LOL, I creep u out??? Why?? & I don’t fuckin’ care what u &othwer peoplesay!! LOL, It’s my girl& my life& I won’t give up that easily!!!! I try to calm down!! Every single day!! Just I love her so much!! & I try to not to drink so much but I am SO unhappy :(:( GEEEZZZ


          • amei

            & please, don’t think that I try to offend u!!! Just it pisses me off, people say ‘how can u love her since u’ve never met her??’ Ya think I know?? I just love her, OMG, she’s my life, my world& Geeez, kill me, but I won’t stop to love her!!! I’d do anything for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her!!! Kill me if u want to but I am still gonna cry every night bcuz she’s with him!!! & she’s GAY!!! don’t say she’s not!!! I am gay myself so I can recognize gay girl!!!! Okay??? & Even If I am wrong, she’s the only one for me!! I won’t give up!!! If u want me to, do this favor for me, come to London & kill me, please…..

          • amei

            & sorry for all mistakes but I am soo drunk!!!Again….:(

  • zoé

    I happened to be in France for a few days and stumbled upon the magazine (the pocket version). There are 4 other pictures inside and an interview, it seems they really met her, unlike the Télé 7 Jours.

  • Luthien

    I have to agree with Khaya and IcyWinter a bit.

    Well, how to say? I really, really don’t have anything against seeing more of Kathryn… On the other hand, I also thought it was good that she didn’t do that. And now, apparently she did.

  • Despite what some might think I do have some sympathy with the views expressed by Khaya, IcyWinter and Luthien.

    Kathryn’s not “playing the Hollywood game” and being largely “below the radar” is part of her appeal.

    However, Kathryn appears to have gained in self-confidence in recent years and this is another sign of it. She’s happy and healthy. Long may it continue.

    I doubt she was “seduced into it”. They must have asked and she agreed, after some thought I’m sure. The fact that such a magazine felt that Kathryn has the “right stuff” to be chosen for such a photoshoot, considering the women they usually have are near to half Kathryn’s age, is a wonderful compliment. I would guess that this is not the beginning of a string of such photoshoots from Kathryn though. If this is the last, I’m fine with that.

    If Kathryn went further, such as posing for a certain magazine that some actresses do after having a baby or taking roles in films that require “more”, then I would probably become uncomfortable. I’d look or watch of course, but I would be uneasy about it because I have so much respect for her as a person.

    This is what Kathryn has chosen to do, it doesn’t cross any line with me, so I fully support her in her decision.

    • Khaya

      I cannot say I agree with you, RichE.

      These days no woman (or man for that matter) can be found in Hollywood who hasn’t done a shoot like this one. It seems to be part of the package of being a celebrity. I, for one, never follow the prescriptions of fashion and brands. I ignore the slutty behavior of most girls at my school and I refuse to be part of the ‘flow’. Kathryn always seemed to me to be the kind of person who had the same point of view and it felt like we connected in some way. That’s the reason I became a fan of her in the first place (beside her awesome acting talent).

      I meant ‘seduced’ not that she was not fully conscious of her choice and exceeded her own boundaries. I used the word, because it feels to me like she is finally giving in to the ‘flow’ of Hollywood and didn’t want to break the status quo that exists there. You’ll disagree and say this was her own choice and she made it because she feels confident about herself, but there are so many other ways to show a person’s confidence, which do not include showing your personal self to the world. A body is meant to please a special someone who has the honour of being gifted your love, and not to be shown for the entertainment of the public. Being happy and healthy is a good thing and she is blessed to feel so strong (and look so good on a respectively older age). My only question is ‘why show it this way?’. For me this is a low thing to do. Therefore my disappointment.

      You could say that my first reason to admire Kathryn as a person was destroyed the moment I saw this picture (and crushed further in the ground as I saw the next update). I might be making too big of a deal out of this and all this might be my Christian side talking, but I cannot hide my disappointment towards the person I have now admired for many a year.

      • I am sorry you feel that way Khaya. I’d hate to think you, or anyone else, were upset by this. I hope that you can renew your admiration of Kathryn in the future.

        I will say this, but I am not trying to change your mind in any way, Kathryn is a performer. Her talent is in acting and entertaining. People like that will do things to get a reaction from the crowd. I could not stand in front of a crowd of people and sing, dance or act, but others can and really enjoy doing so.

        Look at Kathryn on Ellen a few years ago. She was a little shocked and reluctant to put on that cheerleader outfit. But when she did she lit up and was really enjoying the crowd reaction. This could be seen as an extension of that.

      • zoé

        I’m sorry too Khaya, I understand your point of view.

        I feel different though: the nudity does not shock or disappoint me, but the lack of art in some of the pictures composition does (but it’s a men magazine, what’s there to expect?).
        On the other hand, I like the confidence she displays by stating her career comes first.

  • tianna

    i agree with you RichE :)
    & love your reply to my comment earlier 😉
    LMFAO <3

  • Lester

    I think it’s a good move for KM. She needs to shed that “choir girl” image that has kept her in bad movies for the past few years. Having a bit of a naughty streak (in the public eye) will humanize her and I think it will get her some good, gritty parts that will allow her to show more of her acting talent.
    Look at what getting a little “down and dirty” did to Halle Berry. She went from doing horrible movies (Father Hood, BAPS, Flintstones) to winning an Oscar for Monster’s Ball in 2001.

    Anyways I love the photo! The best part of it for me? Her mischievous little smile :)

    • IcyWinter

      I think your actually right about that she needs to shed the choir girl image. It’s probably now a good thing, at least KM actually looks normal and healthy; not like someone these celebs who enhance and are underweight.

  • Lilly_Scotty

    I noticed that alot of people are bothered by this, however I am not. It came a as a shock but I realised that she is proud of her body and didn’t see any reasons not to do this. I am proud of her, I just want to squeeze her. She’s so stunning.

  • IcyWinter

    I still do admire Kathryn a lot, she’s still my favorite actress.

  • Anne

    I think the problem may be that too many people see her as her character, Lily Rush, who is a bit closed off from relationships. I think Kathryn is a much different person that the character she plays, especially if you’ve seen her in interviews. That what makes her a good actress, she convinces us that she is that character.

    • IcyWinter

      I disagree about what you said people seeing her as her character bit, I think people aren’t used to seeing KM without any clothes on or wearing barely anything on.

      All these years we are used to seeing KM with her clothes on, this was surprise. Yet this to me doesn’t change what I feel about KM, she’s still my favorite actress

  • James Cleary

    I’ve known Kathy (KAthryn) since she was about 14 yrs old. We grew up in New England together and spent the summer at the same Chirstian camp in Maine (We were affiliated with the same church.) We later attended the same Christian college together in Pennsylvania back in 1988. Kathy was an incredibly talented talented -incredible singer. One thing i loved about her was that she was beautiful and had such a great personality that naturally she was very populay – however, she never acted stuck-up or like she was better than anyone else. She was always real and was kind to everyone.

    I have to say that I am was very dissappointed when I heard about her photos. I feel for her and know it must be very difficult in her work. I knew trying to remain a Christian ion hollywood would be extremely difficult. I’m know I couldn’t do it myself. I haven’t seen her in years (since college) so I didn’t know for sure where she stood now with her relationship with God. So, for me personally this was dissappointing. It doesn’t affect that I still care about her and wish the best for her. I just hope and pray she will turn back to her faith. I hope someday I’ll get the chance to see her again and encourage her.

    • Thank you “James” for your insight into Kathryn’s early life. It certainly confirms what many of feel about Kathryn now in regards to her great personality and kindness.

      To me these photos show a happy, healthy, confident, beautiful woman more than capable of making her own choices in life.

      Seven seasons of Cold Case (a show I’m sure you approve of due to the central message of justice even for those long forgotten by many people) will have given Kathryn the means such that she never needs to work again if she so chooses. That photoshoot was her choice, I doubt she felt pressured to do it.

      If I ever get the chance to meet Kathryn I would also like to take the opportunity to encourage her, encourage her to continue being the amazing person we’ve come to know and love.

    • icywinter2

      What does her religion have to do with the photoshoot? I don’t understand? I don’t think it coincides with this at all.

  • icywinter2

    I’m not trying to be offending an any way on my last post, but even if Kathryn herself is religious I don’t see anything wrong with what she did. How is going against something like that. It was her choice,it wasn’t like she did anything wrong.

  • James Cleary

    I agree that ultimatley this was her own choice, but anyone in Hollywood who is honest there us a lot of pressure to live and act a certain way. As I said, I am sissaopointed that she would choose thus, but if we meet again I would
    t treat her any different. We would simply have to disagree on thus issue of posing nude for the world to see- but you are right. It’s her choice.

    As why as what religion has to do with this, I would say this. First, for me it’s not as much as religion as relationship and a relationship with God. Thee are many people who are religious but don’ t actually live what they claim to beleive. For me I believe being a Christian means following and obeying Jesus. The Kathy I knew years ago wouldmhave never considered this because as a Christian she bekeived it was wrong. I know I’m speaking for her, but I knew her this well (as well as her parents and 2 younger sisters Erin and Emily.

    Knowing katthy, I’m confident she would be honest today and say she doesn’t have that same relationship with god today that she had before.

    I know there are some that don’t beleive this to be a moral issue and that where we would just have to agree to disagree. For me I could never imagine my daughter or even wife showing thier nude body to the world. Any honest guy knows the kind of thoughts that seeing nude women trigues in a man head. Fhm knows this and knows that sex sells. So for me it’s a matter if immoalirty and that’s what religion or maybe said, what a relationship with God has to do with it. I hesitate to write this because of the risk of sounding self righteous. I’m not, I have many faults. I’ve done many things I’m ashamed. I still do things I wish I didn’t. I fully ackowledge this and I’m not better anyone else. I don’t look down on Kathy or anyone else for that matter. I’m not perfect, just forgiven thanks to Jesus-and that allows no bragging of myself. But since Im a christian, then I want to be real and make effort to follow Him and do what right. Again I understand some don’t see what Kathy did as wrong. Kathy once beeived these this would be wrong. It’s clear to me and from the girm I knew that she no longer has that close relationship with God. That’s why I’m disappointed Nuer decision and why I feel for her. Because I know that you can never find greater joy in this life than the joy that comes from choosing to live for God. I apologize if needed, for usi g this blog for a religious discussion. But it was tbs only I could really reapond to “what does religion have to do with it.”. If what is meant by the quesstion-what do religious acts and going to a building on sunday have to do with it I would agree. But if the question is what does having a relationship with God and truly following him have to do with it, I would say it has everything to do with it

    • icywinter2

      @James Cleary- You do not know if Kathryn has that close relationship or not, just by judging what she did. This is her entertainment life, it doesn’t coincide with what her religious beliefs are.

      Have you even spoke to Kathryn recently, to even ask that question .Look I’m not putting you down in anyway but understand this, she keeps her personal life seperate from her entertaiment life. Kathryn has said in an interview that she very religious.

      You are judging her too much on based on what you believe. Just look at her for who she is. What you see is just Kathryn’s entertaiment life, not her personal one.

      I strongly disagree with everything that you have said, but that’s just me. It’s not a put down but I just don’t think it’s makes any sense.

  • james Cleary

    Icywinter2, I have absolutely no problem with us disagreeing. It’s a reality that people will disagree and there is nothing wrong with disagreeing – especially when its done in a healthy and kind way. So I respect you for that and respect your opinions/beliefs and enjoy the discussion. I’m also not so arrogant to believe I’m absolutely right about everything and everyone who disagrees with me is wrong. I change my mind on things every now and again, so I acknowledge that I may be wrong in some of my things that I currently believe. Hopefully, if I am, that will become clear to me in the future. I have a long post so I have to break this up into several posts.

  • james Cleary

    I did want to comment on a couple of things that you mentioned. let me first say that I have not spoken directly with Kathy for quite a long time. Her younger sister Erin was a roommate of my younger cousin a couple years ago at Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas, U.S.- where I graduated and currently live about one hour from. Kathy still has a close relationship with her two younger sisters, but unfortunately she has not been close with her parents for quite a long time. From what I understand, her parents basically turned their back on her years ago when she chose to go into modeling and an acting career. They haven’t even talked in years. I hope someday her parents correct that. It’s sad because when she was young they were a very close family.

    I think where you and I would really disagree in on two points. One is that posing nude for the world to see is wrong, and two I do belief that even your entertainment life should coincide with your religion. That is if your religion defines your convictions, your values, and morals. My faith in God defines me, otherwise he’s really not God to me. otherwise in truth I would be God to me and I could do what ever I wanted and just listen to the true God when I feel like it. But because I believe God is actually God, then I want to be real and not just claim to believe in God but actually live my complete life under his authority and control. I can’t just put my “religion on the shelf for work, entertainment etc. I’m a Christian in every aspect of my life. If I’m an entertainer, then I’m a Christian entertainer. I will still represent those values and morals. Otherwise, my religion means nothing – it’s just that – it’s simply a religion. But for me it’s a life.

    • ClarenceLumpyRutherford1 AT yahoo

      I share similar views and would like to discuss them more with you.
      Can you email me privately?
      Please email me at clarencelumpyrutherford1 AT yahoo….

  • james Cleary

    Kathy once felt that same way. I know because I heard her talk about her faith many times. I know without a doubt, that the Kathy of 20 years ago would have never even considered posing nude. She would have said that posing nude would be displeasing to God because she knew the Bible spoke against that kind of immodesty and immorality. I understand that those who don’t believe the Bible is God’s word may not believe posing nude is immoral. But she did believe that, and I know for certain that back then she believed that was wrong. So my judgment of her relationship with God not being the same comes from what I know she once believed to what I see in her life actions now.

    I understand she says that she is religious, but in these days saying your religious can mean a lot of things. For my family growing up, they were catholic. They went to church about twice a year. Other than that they didn’t have anything to do with God. But if you asked them, they would say they were religious. So, I’m not sure what she means by religious, but I know she doesn’t have the same convictions about God that she used to have. It might even be that her religion is totally different now like in Buddha or Islam – I just don’t know.

  • james Cleary

    Let me get back to your comment about entertainment doesn’t coincide with religion. I would agree with you on that in certain cases. For example: If I were an actor and the character I played was always lying and cheating, of course that would not mean that in my personal life I was a liar an a cheat. I was acting a fictional character. It was for entertainment. But if I personally belief that it would be wrong to pose nude and show my body to the world, then it would be wrong for me do that even for an entertainment magazine. I can’t set my Christian values and personal convictions aside and just say – well this is entertainment so it’s ok.

    Let me give a more extreme example. What if a husband said to his wife and children, “I’ve decided to become a porn star. I’m going to sleep with many, many, women. Even several at the same time. but don’t worry honey and kids, this will just be my entertainment life. You know I’m religious so I will never sleep with any woman outside my porn movies. I will only sleep with these women for entertainment purposes.” If someone believes that sleeping with other women is wrong, then it is wrong whether it happens in your personal life or entertainment life. In regards to Kathy, if she believes it would be wrong to pose nude because of her faith in God, then it would be wrong even if it were for entertainment purposes. If your faith is real, you can’t just put you faith on the shelf. A true Christian is a Christian 24/7, not just when they feel like it. If God doesn’t rule your life then he is really not God to you. He is just someone you claim to follow when it’s convenient. That’s why so many people call Christians hypocrites. Because so many claim to be religious and believe in God, but then they don’t live what they claim to believe.

    I think the real issue here – where you and I disagree, is whether it is wrong to pose nude. My guess is, that if you believed it was wrong to pose nude, then you would say that her posing for a magazine was wrong. I also think we need to define what is religion. I think religion for me is different then what it would be for you. For me it’s not just some rituals or some beliefs I like. I believe God is real, so for me it’s my life. I try to live for God. It’s not just a matter of being “religious”. it’s my life and that’s why for me my religion, if you will, very much so would coincide with my entertainment life as well. I can’t separate my faith in God from any part of my life.

    Understand, I do understand this is her life and her choice. It has to be that way and I respect that. My comments about Kathy were simply to say that she has changed her convictions and they yes they are choices that I disagree with. But, it is her life and she has to make her own decisions.

    I hope to speak with Kathy again sometime in the future. I know that her and I could disagree and not let it effect our friendship. She is very easy to talk to and has always been outspoken, (in a good way) not afraid to share what believes. She doesn’t get upset easily – a very fun person to be around – loves to laugh.

    I hope on some episode they allow her to sing. She has an incredible voice – actually her whole family can sing and and play numerous instruments.

    WOW, sorry,I guess this was quite long

  • James, I deleted your repeated messages. I know you had some problems posting, probably due to the repeated use of certain words which spam filters caught. I’ve also combined a couple of messages as you appear to have repeated certain sections.

    Of course this is all rather moot as Kathryn is not posing nude. The clothes are a bit of a give-away.

    I can’t say I remember Kathryn ever talking about her religion. If asked she has probably answered the question as she saw fit in a way she was comfortable with. I’m sure she has her beliefs, and her work must not conflict with those or else she would not do it. As you say, and we all know, she is a strong, independent woman more than capable of choosing her path in life.

    If what you say is true about Kathryn attitude to certain things in the past is true then Kathryn has changed a little. We all change as we grow. Certain things we thought we horrible as a child are not/less so as an adult. How disgusting did you think kissing a girl was when you were 6? To make a point using a less extreme example than you used previously: was Kathryn kissing Ben Affleck in Paycheck going against her earlier beliefs? She was probably in a relationship at the time and was kissing a man also in a relationship (albeit rumoured to be in trouble). Where is the line to be drawn?

    To comment on your earlier post. I am fine with religion based discussion on this site. Personally I am not a believer, just the opposite, but I respect other people’s beliefs as long as they don’t try and impose them on me or other people. A person’s faith is very personal and should be kept that way. Obviously any such discussion needs to be “on topic”, appropriate, polite and done with respectful of everyone’s views (including Kathryn’s).

    I’m sure we can all agree that this particular strand has run its course though.

  • James Cleary


    You’re right, this has definitely run it’s course. I said more than I needed to and probrably should have. I wasn’t my intent in thhe begining to make this a long religious discusion – just got carried awa a bit. As far as Kathrns photo, I understand what you mean that she’s not posing nude “clothes are a bit of a give away”. But I’ve always heard girl’s posing topless (even if covering their bottom) refered to as posing nude – just like if a girl shows her breasts in a movie she is considered to have done a nude scene even if she has clothes on her bottom half of her body. I know she’s covering her breasts with her hands, so in that sense I’m wrong, it’s not actually considered a nude photo. Just so you know, as someone who believes differently than I do, I really do respect that and you’re point of view. And by the way, that was a good point that you made about the movie paycheck. You’re right, I guess the question is where do yuo draw the line – and that has to be decided by each individual. This will be my last post regarding this topic. If you care to respond I’ll respectively leave you with the last response. Thanks

    • It is not my intention to have the last word but I felt I should add this, having failed to include it in any of my previous comments.

      James, thank you for your well put comments and insights. It is appreciated.

      I hope you continue to visit us at KM UK and feel able to share any views and further information as you see fit.

  • Finn

    First let me just say that I appreciate James insight into KM’s early life, I’m new to the board and have only discovered KM’s career playing Det. Lily Rush of Cold Case on cable. Secondly, KM is no different then many actresses/actors that come to Hollywood with dreams and ambitions of becoming famous even tho only 1% of those that are members of SAG/AFTRA actually get to work steadily much less become celebrities in this town,that is known for destroying the lives and the integrity of those wanting fame! Period! It comes down to what are they willing to do to compromise their beliefs & morals. It was her decision to compromise her beliefs & morals for the success and she made it a long time ago, not when she decided to pose for FHM, just as she has made the decision to do Cougar, Inc, in which she appeared partial nude along with Sunday’s Mother, as short drama. I heard her on a talk show saying that she knew that her career as an actress was coming to an end as she was getting older. It’s hell to realize that u have to compete with younger, attractive women for similar roles even tho u still have the looks and talent to compete!!! That’s Hollywood, like it or not!
    I’m glad that she’s smart enough to realize that and to pursue production & become a producer. Possible in 10 years when she’s in her 50’s she’ll get some opportunities to act again, who knows maybe sooner, time will tell!
    I’ll have more to say later on the subject!

  • Finn

    I thought about commenting further but it does appear that for the most part this has become a dead blog! So it would be rather fruitless to continue to comment! I hope as I periodically check back here on occasion that I will find more updated news of Ms.Kathryn Morris’s on goings!

    • Hi Finn.

      Thank you for you contributions, feel free to comment as much as you wish on this or other posts.

      As I think I’ve said in other comments above people’s (not just talking about Kathryn here) beliefs do change over time. Also, when we are young we are likely to be parroting what we having be taught and told by our parents and teachers etc. As we grow older we will find our own level in these matters. Environment will play a part.

      Speaking specifically about the subject in hand I doubt that Kathryn felt pressured to appear in FHM or star in Cougars, Inc. (we don’t know enough about Sunday’s Mother yet to comment on that). It was only the French version of FHM and not an American magazine after all. After 7 seasons of Cold Case, if the rumoured salaries are to be believed, then Kathryn is likely set financially for years to come, if not life. She can pick and choose what she wants and is happy to do.

      I could make a contrary point and ask whether starring in Moneyball as the supportive wife of Billy Beane is proof of Kathryn’s belief in marriage and a wife’s role in it? :-)

      To mis-quote Twain “the reports of this site’s death are greatly exaggerated” :-) This particular post is over 2 years old and there have been hundreds more since. Yes, there currently is a lack of new news regarding Kathryn but we still manage at least 2 new posts each week covering a variety of topics. Any new news will, of course, be covered in full here ASAP.

  • Thaleis

    Interesting post… Dear RichE did you know if Kathryn is a catholic or a protestant ? I guess she is a lutherian or an episcopalian, but I doubt now after James comments…

    • Hi Thaleis.

      It is not clear what branch of the church Kathryn attended as a child. James’ comments don’t make it clear.

      Kathryn is said to have attended the Northeastern Christian College, now called Ohio Valley University, which is affiliated with Churches Of Christ. According to Wikipedia Churches Of Christ was originally Protestant but later “set itself apart” and was no longer considered to be Protestant. It is not Catholic either.

      As much discussed in other comments above it is not clear where Kathryn’s beliefs stand now. She hasn’t spoken about them.

  • Thaleis

    Thanks for your add =]

  • Thaleis

    Hello again my Dear !

    I did some researches and I found this link :

    There is a debate about the different “Churches Of Christ” since they are several in the US… The comment posted by the wife of a former COC goer who was rejected by his friends seems very closed of the family struggles described by James Cleary.

    I also found this :
    It seems that Northeastern Christian College still very “religion studies” centered.

    A lot of people considers COC as a cult. Maybe not all the branches but if it’s true I understand better Kathryn’s vow to escape. It would be very sad but what intrigues me the most is how Kathy’s parents who were so concerned by the artistic expression (I think about the Morris Code) can be against the fact she pursue her dreams of acting…
    James tell she still closed with her sisters, but doesn’t she had half-brothers ?
    Also, at the age she attempt to be an actress, her parent were already divorced no ?

    Although, I learnt more about Kathryn I this only tread which I would not have been able to imagine: I didn’t even know she attended only religious school and in my memory, she had only one sister…

    For me this tread is closed. Im not so much into celebrities privacy but I will keep an eye on her belly button =] Iam so happy for her !

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