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Cold Case Season 8?

TV gossip-monger Michael Ausiello has a couple of quotes from our favourite lady.  That’d be Kathryn, in case you hadn’t guessed.  As part of his regular Ask Ausiello section they are in response to a reader asking for any general Cold Case scoops.

The idea of an eight season is raised.

Ausiello: Like her character, Kathryn Morris is spending a lot of time thinking about the past, even if she’s glad to still be around in the present. Cold Case’s close brush with network death (before eventually getting renewed for another season) has her feeling “a little more sentimental this year,” she says. “Everyone is waxing poetic about the good times. ‘Remember when you were sick with the flu in season two and I brought you chicken soup and we became best friends?’ ‘Remember that one time when I ripped a Dolce & Gabbana suit by walking by a rusty desk in homicide the first day they let me wear it? I’m sorry.’” Regarding the possibility of an eighth season, she says, “I think we are optimistic that we could go on as long as the audience wants us to. It isn’t like we will run out of crime in Philadelphia.”

We’ll just have to wait and see.

You can find the full article here.

17 comments to Cold Case Season 8?

  • Khaya

    I’m not sure a season 8 is a good idea. I’m afraid that if they do continue as long as the audience wants to the show eventually will get tiring for both the audience and the cast and crew. It’s not like I wouldn’t watch another season, but perhaps they should stop and make a beautiful ending episode before they’re forced to stop all of a sudden halfway the season because people aren’t watching anymore.

  • LII2

    I’ve been hearing the the show will be cancelled at the end of this season; because of the ratings. That’s what happens when you move CC out of a good time slot like 9pm.

  • tianna

    they probably will end this season, but i wouldnt mind another :)

  • Anne

    With all the budget cuts they’ve been doing to the show, I really doubt there will be another season. Certain actors aren’t even appearing in all this seasons episodes. Too bad, but maybe we will eventually get a DVD set.

    • LII2

      I don’t know about the DVD’s , that’s also a big money issue. That could be still a long time before we see CC on DVD

    • What it comes down to is whether the network is happy with the return it gets on its spending. They wanted to spend less to get the show so budgets had to be cut. If the advertising revenue is sufficient they have no reason to not renew again.

      Cold Case is not the big headline show that some are but it clearly has a large loyal following. Throwing that away to bring in a new show is risky.

      I’m sure the network knew that moving CC to a later timeslot would have a negative impact on the audience figures. That must have been taken into account with the budgets. If they are happy at that level why not renew? As the recession lifts and the advertising spend comes back they’ll have even less reason to not renew.

      I certainly don’t buy into the idea that the show was moved to 10pm to kill it. If they didn’t want it they could have saved a lot money by not renewing it at all.

      I have my doubts we’ll ever see a DVD release. The issues that have prevented it so far are not going to go away. You would think the music creators would be keen for their music to be showcased and to earn some revenue from it. The attitude seems to be that they want a lot of money. In which case they get none. Surely some would be better than none.

      Of course the lack of DVD sales may have made the show less viable to the networks because it is another revenue stream. On the other hand it might mean the show gets more repeats around the world, which means more residuals, and the networks benefit from the advertising revenue from that.

  • LII2

    What does Kathryn mean by the sentimental thing??

    • I think she meant that the threat of the show ending has made them realise how much they’d all miss each other if it did. They’ve been reminiscing about things that have happened. Loosing or being apart from people you care about will do that to you.

      • LII2

        So in other words it’s just the cast not the characters, I’m kind of lost here

        • The quote from Kathryn is just about the cast. The lead in, written by the author of the piece, is trying to link the quotes to the characters and the show’s story arcs.

          However, you could certainly say that Lilly is looking back as well. Her brush with death helped her reconnect with her father. She’s clearly still troubled by the car crash and that Moe is a free man. Now she has a step-brother, which is a reminder of her father leaving etc., in her life.

  • nat

    si il faut pas arreté cette serie pour les fan il doive continué et pourquoi pas scotty avec lilly ensemble il faut nous faire encore revé avec cette serie je adore trop

    • Google translation:

      “if it is not stopped this series for a fan it should continue and why not lilly with scotty all we must do even wanted with this series I love too”

  • Denise

    Afinal vaiter ou não a oitava temporada de Cold Case?
    Adoramos esta se´rie, eu e minha filha!!!!Tomara que continue…..

    • Google translation. If any of our Portuguese speaking friends can help me improve on it let me know.

      “Vaite final or not the eighth season of Cold Case?
      We love this series, my daughter and I!! Hopefully that continues …..”

  • IcyWinter

    I heard a rumor that CBS won’t give TNT the rights to make new episodes, is this true or not??

    • That does seem to be the rumour doing the rounds, based on next to no evidence. I don’t see why CBS would release the rights to TNT, or anyone else. CBS might sell the rights, but could anyone afford to make new episodes? Would everyone necessary (cast and crew) want to?

      It isn’t going to happen and people trying to convincing others that it might is not doing anyone any favours.

      • IcyWinter

        I do have to agree with you RichE, it’s not going to happen. Apparently I read on the CC IMDB boards that someone from Look Again called TNT. I don’t know if this is true or not.

        Didn’t Kathryn say somewhere that she wasn’t ready to give up playing Lilly yet? Whatever the story is, I consider the TNT part just a rumor.

        Sad but true, just that fans are upset.

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