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Monte Carlo Or Bust? Update

tv_festival_007It looks like the answer is “bust”.  Never thought saying that in relation to Kathryn would be as depressing as it is 😉

It is being reported by the website that Kathryn’s attendance at the Monte Carlo Television Festival, previously reported on KM UK here, has been cancelled.  The article in question can be found here in its original French form and English with a Google translation here.

This a great shame.  I was greatly looking forward to bringing you news and images of Kathryn enjoying herself in the South of France.  OK, I really wanted to see the photos myself, but sharing them with you all would have been good too 😉  No reason is given for Kathryn’s withdrawal but the fact that Cold Case has not been renewed for an 8th season may play a part.

Thanks to zoé for the heads-up and the good people at Hypnoweb for the links.

Monte Carlo Or Bust?

tv_festival_007Can’t I have both? 😉

It has been announced that Kathryn will be attending the Monte Carlo Television Festival, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.   The event is happening from the 6th to the 10th of June 2010.  An article on lists Kathryn amongst names added to the roster of stars scheduled to appear.

In interviews Kathryn did the last time she was at the TV Festival (in 2007) she was talking about the Cold Case season prior to the one that had just finished airing in the US.  I don’t know where French TV is in the series now, maybe there to promote seasons 6 or 7.  Perhaps some of our French friends can enlighten us.  Of course this will happen be after we have learnt about the fate of Cold Case season 8, which we should discover within the next week.

On The Bonnie Hunt Show recently Kathryn said she was planning a holiday in France Tuscany with her best friend.  Which puts her just along the coast from Monaco.  I wonder if this follows that.

A quick Google translation of the article is after the jump.

Thanks to Karen for the heads-up.

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The Eagle Has Landed

We have our first evidence that Kathryn is in the vicinity of the Coachella Music Festival for the Mother’s Little Helpers event from Tweeter BigKCa:

BigKCa: Just saw Kathryn Morris walkin in PS. She’s a very pretty petite woman! – Link

A brief but highly accurate assessment 😉

Kathryn Is A SXSy Thief? – Update x3

We may have to revise our opinion from the previous post :-)

A couple of days ago Asher Levin (writer and director of the movie Mother’s Little Helpers) said he, and a few other people, were going to the South By Southwest Festival (SXSW 2010) this weekend.  A later Tweet confirmed they are there to promote Mother’s Little Helpers and that Kathryn was one of those going.

@asherlevin AWAY WE GO. SXSW INTERACTIVE WATCH OUT. KM, KG, G AND ME ARE TAKING OVER. Watch for the launch of the new website to live tracking.  – Link

Today a fellow attendee came forward to report a crime and Kathryn has been named as the doer.  It’s not going to take Lilly Rush to solve this crime:

@janoisdi #coldcase (Cold Cab)-cab gone missing.Kathryn Morris stole my cab. thanks K – accepting apologies at booth #1131 hall 4… – Link

What a naughty girl  😉

If any more evidence comes forward we’ll report here.

Update: Asher Levin has posted a picture of himself and Kathryn doing some guerilla marketing.  You can find a copy in the Gallery.  Thanks to Asher.  As you can see the Mother’s Little Helpers now has an official website, you can find it HERE (there’s a link in the list on the right of the page too).

Update 2: Asher has posted another picture of Kathryn in Texas as SXSW.  Huge thanks to him for responding to my request for more.

Update 3: Asher has posted yet another picture.  Not sure where or when this was taken but I’ll take a guess at it being a Texas airport on the 17th March as they leave SXSW.

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