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Xmas Advent Calendar 2019

Tomorrow is December the 1st.  Despite what all the shops, and some of your friends, might be telling you no Xmas related things should be out until December.  Being a partial bah humbugger myself, I’d leave it until the 20th

Luckily this website doesn’t reflect that.  So, the KM UK Advent Calendar for 2019 […]

Cold Case S02E06 – The Sleepover Promo Updates

Want some new and updated promotional photographs from an episode of Cold Case that aired 15 years ago?  Well, you’ve come to the right place because that is what KM UK is doing in a series of posts covering season 2 of the show.

‘The Sleepover’ was first shown on television in […]

Happy Thanksgiving 2019

Happy Thanksgiving from KM UK to Kathryn, her family, and all of our American friends

You know that Xmas is just around the corner when, even on this side of ‘the pond’, the America celebration that is Thanksgiving makes it presence felt.

Credit to Icywinter for the banner image above. It is part of […]

Cold Case S02E05 – Who’s Your Daddy? Promo Updates

A clever title covers multiple parts of an episode.  This is a good example.

‘Who’s Your Daddy?’ is one of the more harrowing stories.  They always seem worse when they involve children.  The unsolved 1991 case is about a murdered illegal immigrant couple, leaving their young daughter an orphan.  Now a teenager, […]

Cold Case S02E04 – The House Promo Updates

Bones!  Castle!  House!  All great shows, but what links those words?  This episode of Cold Case of course!  Keep up, this post is about Cold Case season 2, episode 4, ‘The House’.  It says so in the title.

Bones are discovered in the ground outside an old prison.  They are not, it […]

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